Restore my energy...

Or, am I just being lazy?
Restore my energy?

Restore my energy…

Or, am I just being lazy?

by Maria Furlano, DMQ (China), MTOM, L.Ac.

I was recently approached by a student who was struggling with the process of taking time to restore his own energy (aka: self-care) vs his usual self-talk which was, if he takes time out to care for himself, he's just avoiding action and even worse this kind of "slowing down" will become a habit, he'll become lazy and loose everything he's worked for.

This is a real struggle for many people because we have been conditioned that the more we do, the more we'll succeed. We've been conditioned that competition is everything and if we take our eye off the ball, we'll loose the race.

People in my personal life know that I need a lot of private time. I use that private time to recharge and activate new ideas and self growth. I've learned that I need to restore my energy to do great work. But making sure I put my private time first on my list has not always been easy and through the years I've had to pave my own path to make this so. Now in my life, I have a group of people who really care about me and understand what I need to do for myself to be at my best. 

This man was beginning a journey of getting back in touch with his most authentic self and when he began to feel a constant tug within him for quiet and stillness, that would actually expand his energy, it was so new for him, that his ego mind went into fear mode. His fear was that if he paused and there was too much quiet, he would get lost and he would become lazy. 


Does relaxation equal laziness?

Everyone's fears are different. Depending upon how we grew up, our acquired viewpoints and the influence of who's present in our lives… Everyone's ego responds just a little differently. Whatever it is that happens to be your go to self-judgments and criticisms begin to surface like wildfire.


I call this "energetic rebounding."

And it's a very common thing to deal with when learning how to tune in and expand your energy. If you are guided to work though it, the great news is that is passes and you can move into a completely new state of being.

There is great power in stillness. But for many it can feel too intimate. It sounds funny that we would feel intimidated by being within our own energy, but if you haven't been raised in an environment that nurtures this kind of self-exploration, it can be a bit daunting.

Several years ago I was working with a truly wonderful woman who was a very busy and successful executive who traveled to beautiful places, had wonderful connections and to the outside world appeared as though she had it all made. The only problem is that she had completely burned out her adrenals. She told me one day that she always ate healthy and exercised consistently, she was in great shape, but she never once thought about "restoring her energy." Like so many people she thought if she just exercised more and continued to eat right she would be fine, but her fatigue and accompanying symptoms just kept coming. The more stressed she became the harder she exercised. Because that is what she thought would help her…


Her energetic output was always more than her energetic input.

She didn't understand the full capacity of energy balancing.

The ability to restore your energy is another level of physical, emotional and spiritual nurturing. Whatever you give of yourself day-to-day needs to be replenished. It's exactly like a gas tank or a bank account. What we use we must restore, or else we'll be deficient.

But in soul-mind-body practices, such as medical Qigong, we want to not only refill our energy levels, but we want to expand our energy so we have excess to pull from. We want to tap the excess, not our foundation. 


~ So, my questions to you today are ~ 

In your culture, upbringing, background or training… 

~ How have you been introduced to the importance of regularly "restoring your own energy" for balanced energy and lasting health? 

~ Do you feel "lazy," or uncomfortable when you think about, or actually take time to relax and restore your energy? 

~ Or, has this type of consistent self-care become a healthy part of your lifestyle? And if so, how does it feel? 


We are a wise and wonderful community and your wisdom, insights and questions are always appreciated.




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  1. Kathy November 4, 2017

    Awe Maria thank you from my heart for your very thoughtful reply, so grateful to know you. I am super excited to know you’ve been reenergizing your crystal’s in the moonlight…that’s so awesome! Once you bring them back in stay conscious to keep your intentions set clearly on what you wish to manifest as we approach the 11-11 portal. In my opinion I feel this will be a very powerful shift… a quantum shift in the very sense of the meaning of the word.
    What a glorious time to be alive. Stay blessed sweet girl~ XO

  2. Kathy November 3, 2017

    Interesting timing with this post Maria, Especially since this full moon will be in Taurus (November 4th,2017)this morning at something like 1:32 AM? that is Midwest time and it is aprox. Taurus energy is rich in sensuality- relaxation-nurturing one self indulging in exquisite self care, with the focus on the home environment as well and this Taurus energy will remain with us until Nov.10th. So like I said super timely post on your part. wink, wink 😉
    In my personal background you were never allowed to rest. Only could rest very briefly if you became too ill to carry on. Needless to say I am of Northern European decent. Rest equaled weakness. I’ve had chronic health issues all my life. By the age of 18 had several surgeries.I never allowed myself to rest, I believed I was weak if I rested. By mid life my kidney/ adrenals/ liver and thyroid function all became impaired, I am recovering now and I have learned I must rest at times and I no longer continue to push myself so hard. My family knew if you were seen as weak you would be put to death, my family are/were survivors of Auschwitz so they feared any illness and saw illness/resting/self care as something that promoted weakness. I love/loved them so and I fully understand why they raised me as they did. They wanted me to be strong so I would survive, I still wrestle with issues when it comes to resting and self care but I care for myself more now than any other time. Please help your friend to understand the Rest piece of a healthy life style is as important as the Diet and Exercise and Clean and Healthy Environment pieces are. To push through is not wise. I have lived long enough to know to rest and practice self care is much more wise. Thank you for all you share and for the healing space your blog provides for all of us to share our experiences. I love you very much. Thank you.

    • Maria Furlano, DMQ (China), MTOM, L.Ac.

      Thank you Kathy for pointing out the timing of this post with the full moon in Tauris. It’s funny I didn’t think about that, I just kept hearing that I had to send the post out on either Thursday or Friday. So I was thrilled that you pointed out the timing and loved what you shared about the energy right now. I had my crystals out in the moonlight last night and will again tonight. 🙂

      I also really want to thank you for sharing your family history – It’s very powerful. It makes so much sense about the need to be strong and rest equalling weakness. This was a life and death issue for your family. The strength it took for them to keep going is absolutely amazing. Learning to care for yourself is a true art, especially when coming from this kind of life experience. I know you’ve delt (are still dealing with some) health issues, but the fact that you have taken the time to process and unwind the self care issues in your life is inspiriational. Thank you for taking the time to share with us (me). I mean that… And I love you too, very much.