It's Spring!

A time for growth, renewal & expansion!
Springtime changes the energy of your body
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How does springtime change the energy in your body?

by Maria Furlano, DMQ (China), MTOM, L.Ac.


Spring is a time for growth, renewal & expansion!

Springtime is a natural time for changing energy. In Chinese medicine and medical Qìgōng, it's the energetic time of the "Wood Element." The organs associated with the wood element, are the liver and gallbladder and not only do they detoxify and store blood, but energetically they're responsible for the smooth flow of Qì (energy) throughout the body.

The health of the liver's energetic flow is incredibly important to our emotional and physical health.

The energy of the liver and gallbladder are key signs of health in Chinese medicine and medical Qìgōng. It's energetic movement is so important, that when I work with private clients, or teach workshops, one of the first thing's I do is evaluate how the energy of the liver flowing. It's energy alignment or miss-alignment, will tell me the exact medical Qìgōng exercises and healing strategies needed to reach our goals.


Dis-ease in the physical body and in our emotional patterns, is caused generally by three things. 

1.  A deficiency, or lacking of supportive energy.
2.  An excess and disruptive flow of energy.
3.  An accumulation, blockage and stagnation of energy.

When you're able to create a consistently smooth and nourishing flow of energy throughout your body on a regular basis, you naturally avoid stagnation.


Springtime Emotional Foundations

I'm always teaching about the significance that our congenital and acquired emotions have on our energy system. Working with others to unwind these patterns, shifts health and mental peace in substantial and lasting ways.

In medical Qìgōng, each of the internal organs is related to a particular emotional and mental state and we divide these into two main categories. The two categories are the congenital emotions and the acquired emotions.


The congenital emotions are the energetic states of the organs in their natural state of spiritual harmony.

When we're born, these emotions are most naturally present within us.

The "congenital emotions" of the liver/gallbladder are benevolence, kindness and compassion (for oneself and for others).


The acquired emotional patterns occur due to our contact with the outside world and experiences.

Depending upon how we interpret and heal experiences as we live our lives, these impacts can live inside of us for many, many years and cause energetic, emotional and mental imbalances that need to be released for healing.

The "acquired emotions" of the liver/gallbladder are irritability, frustration, anger, resentment, jealousy and rage.



The spring is a time when energy naturally moves upward and expands for new growth.

If you have been dealing with increased emotions during the past few months, you may find yourself a bit more prone to being "triggered" during the springtime. It just means that your body and soul are giving you a message to check in and clear out certain debris that's been accumulating. This is a natural process for all of us.


Springtime Physical Foundations

Because this is the time when our energy naturally wants to expand and move upward, being physically active will greatly help disperse any excess or stagnant energy build up.

For example, if you normally practice daily meditation feel free to keep practicing, but re-balance your time by doing more Qìgōng forms, walking, hiking, gardening, or other full body movement activities, while spending a little less time in seated meditation.

This is the time to get out and move.

Breathe deeply to get your circulation moving and be open to new creative experiences that will activate your creative mind.



Spring is a time to clear, so the energy can rise. This is a natural phase of growth and renewal.

Each phase has a season and organ relationship that supports the next:  Winter (kidneys & bladder), Spring (liver & gallbladder), Summer (heart, pericardium, san jiao & small intestine) and Fall (lungs & large intestine).

So for example, if you carry a weakness of energy, or excess, or stagnation of energy, into the "heat of summer," these same imbalances will cause the energy and organs most active in the summer to be strained.


Springtime veggies for cleansing & nourishment

Enjoy more:  Kale, spinach, beets, collard greens, dandelion, mustard greens, sweet potatoes, cabbage, sprouts and seaweed.


Springtime & Cleansing

Springtime is a terrific time for cleansing. If you've read my articles, you know I strongly advice NOT to cleanse during the winter (such as doing a "New Year Cleanse"), because the winter is a time to go within (energetically and physically) and restore our energy, not push it out and deplete it.

We restore during the winter for this exact moment… The upward and outward movement of spring!

The spring is a time of creative thinking, new perspectives and being able to see a larger vision. Spring is a time to move forward and be honest about what isn't working for you and celebrate what is. This time of honesty must include lot's of compassion towards yourself, as you choose to release and step into new adventures. Don't hesitate to get the support you need.


Like every time of year, the energy of our bodies requires support to expand and grow.

I hope you'll be able to create space for yourself and find your unique flow, as you continue to spring forward in the coming months!


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