Meet Dr. Furlano

Hello! I'm Maria Furlano, welcome to my virtual studio. 

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What exactly do I do?

Specifically, I teach people how to reset their core energy & thrive fully aligned in who they are.


Or, to keep things really simple…

I help people unblock what's keeping them stuck.

I specialize in restorative skill sets to transform stress, illness & injury.


As a Doctor of medical Qìgōng (DMQ, China) & physician of Chinese medicine my passion is…

To empower others by teaching skills based in 2000 year old wisdom medicine that will reset, refocus and restore physical stamina, health, mental focus and expand peace of mind.


As a psychic medium and an emotional/medical intuitive…

I'm able to tune into my clients physical blocks, business and personal environments, relationships and emotional challenges, allowing me to get to root issues quickly.  I’m able to do this whether we’re standing face-to-face, or on the phone across continents.


You know all those “issues,” that are exhausting your energy?

The good news is, when you know how to access and align your energy, these "issues" simply begin to dissolve.

You will naturally transform what is holding you back and live a life that elevates you.

Understanding how to reset, refocus and restore yourself energetically, is a skill that creates permanent shifts in your well-being.



Because, when you're able to tap into this level of vitality, your energy expands!

When we can't… We most often experience emotional, creative, mental and physical depletion.


Are you?

… needing to restore your energy/health after a cycle of projects?

… feeling like your body is giving out on you?

… stressed, emotionally exhausted, or overwhelmed?

… struggling with anxiety or focus in auditions, meetings or interviews?

… experiencing an injury, illness or pain?

… desiring a deeper connection with yourself?


“Personal energetic expansion & cultivation is at the heart of everything I teach.”


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Where to go next?

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