Today I”m sharing a tool that helps me move from feeling stuck and overwhelmed, into a place of exactly what I need. It’s great to have you here – Welcome back!

Breathing Break

00:31:  But first, as we do in every episode, I’d like to just ask you if you take a deep breath with me and just check in where your energy is at this exact moment. So if you’ll just take a a nice long inhale, and then when you exhale, make your exhale even longer…

Our breath is an incredible energy booster, and the more we remember to tune in and use our breath to support us, the better we can feel. So let’s keep breathing.

Feeling stuck and overwhelmed, to a place of exactly what I need.

01:10:  Today I’m going to talk about a tool that’s really helped me when there are times when I need to make a decision and find a solution and nothing that’s in front of me feels right.

And personally I’m not going to choose something that doesn’t feel right. I’m always going to look for a better answer. But you can feel a lot of pressure when this happens. And this just happened to me a few days ago and sometimes when we’re trying so hard to figure out a solution and make the right choice… We create a tunnel like focus.

And when we have this tunneled focus, we actually blind ourselves from better options showing up to greet us, as I like to say.

And we can waste so much energy in trying to figure it out. It’s frustrating and it’s really draining to any kind of creative process that we might have.

At nighttime thinking about a specific issue when we’re really worried about something (I know I’ve done it many times) and this really only sets us up to be tired the next morning. It doesn’t really do us any good for our bodies, or our energy.

02:59:  Today I’d like to share with you a tool that I use when I need to find the best path and I hope you can explore it and see if it works for you and see if it helps you find some better clarity. And most importantly, peace of mind.

Here’s the first part….

When you’re in the midst of feeling overwhelmed with something and the choices that you have in front of you just don’t feel right and you want a different avenue… Stop and take a breath.

And all that means is you stop and become fully present and then say out loud or silently to yourself. Thank you for showing me all the perfect opportunities for, (and then fill in the blank of whatever it is you’re struggling with).

I’ll give you some examples to make this more usable and I’ll recap at the end so that it’s even more clear.

Let’s say you have two choices in front of you.

Neither one of those choices really feels right.

Instead of just choosing one because you feel you have to direct your attention…

Instead, “thank your internal guidance for showing you ALL the opportunities that are here for you.”

04:22:  Now the key with this is patience, because timing is everything and you may receive the information about the best opportunity later that day, in a few hours, or you might receive it immediately. But it also might be three days later, because it’s about timing.

Patience is important and if you’re struggling with patience, what you may be at the core issue of what you’re really having difficulty with, is “trust.”

Trust is the key to receiving the opportunities to solve your issue.

Trust in ourselves and definitely trust in our internal guidance, is something so many people struggle with so much that they often close off because it’s too scary to have faith and trust.

But this is important, really important to consider.

Without trust, we can’t open our energy to allow.

And if we can’t allow, then we can’t receive. ‘

And if we can’t receive, then we can’t gain access to the vast information that is here to help us.

If it’s most important for us to protect ourselves, then we actually build an energetic wall of emotional energy that really keeps us blocked and usually stuck in very specific areas of our lives.

05:56:  So when want to move into a space of allowance in order to receive guidance, it’s important to be honest with ourselves and really look within and see if we have any issues with trust.

And in this episode I’m really addressing trust in referring to our trust in divine guidance.

I’ve mentioned in other episodes that I call this part of myself, “my wisdom self.” And for me this is an all knowing part of myself that is completely connected to an elevated level of energy. And this elevated level of energy has an optimal view of all the pieces of my life. It includes a divine universe of energy that literally has my back and is happy to show me a better way of doing something.

I feel that it can show me this because it has a 360 degree point of view that I don’t have as I stand here in my human form. It knows all of the interconnectedness of everything, my relationships, my dreams, my desires, and the planet as a whole.

When you learn to tune into this kind of elevated energy answers that truly serve you, really do show themselves to you.

And when aligned answers show up, your life flows. And when your life flows, you feel supported – and you are supported.

So when I get into any space where I feel like I’m not accessing my wisdom self – I’ll realize that I’m literally turning away from great answers and solutions. I’m closing myself off, so to speak.

When I’m overwhelmed, or I’m feeling a bit lost, it’s really easy to close off because you move into a state of fear or worry. And if I do this, I’ll stop and I’ll breathe. I’ll catch myself right away.

Catching yourself is the most important thing.

08:12:  And then I’ll stop and I’ll breathe, and I will say something like, thank you divine universe for showing me the abundance of opportunities that are available to me in this situation.

And then I just allow for an opening of space.

To recap, here’s four things to be mindful of…


Alignment. Alignment is everything, right? And all you need to do is open your heart and create space for a new view to show itself to you.

Timing. Timing is absolutely part of creating the best outcomes. Make space for the information to show itself to you when it’s ready. It can be immediate, it can be in a few hours, or it can be another day. It’s all about the best divine timing.

Trust. And if you have difficulty with this, you just want to check in with yourself and you know, feel, how is your sense of trust? Are you putting up protective blocks and are these protective blocks actually shielding you from receiving the most supportive information?

You know, there’s nothing to feel bad or judge yourself about everyone… All of us, myself, absolutely included, has had to learn to protect ourselves from different things and at different points of our life. And when we protected ourselves, it served us.

But if now in in your life, if it’s actually getting in your way from really moving through your life from a place of trust, it may be worth looking at making space to heal it.

The power of your heart

Number four is the power of your heart.

Remember, we can often misuse the focus of our minds.

And it’s important to learn how to access the power of our heart.

Because from the energy of the heart, you have the greatest power to direct your mind in ways that inspire and transform and literally empower your life.

When you tune in and you make this statement and you say, thank you divine universe for showing me the abundance of opportunities that are available to me in this situation.

When you stop and take your breath and you become present, you tune into your heart’s energy and you make your statement from the heart, not from your head.

Remember the power of our heart.

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