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Do I have to be happy?
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Empathic, happiness & spirituality…

by Maria Furlano, DMQ/DTCM (China), MTOM, L.Ac.

As I write today, the sun is beginning to shine brightly in the sky after a full day and evening of wind and wonderful heavy rain. I say wonderful because here in Southern California we don’t often get rain and for me it’s one of my favorite sounds, sights and smells. Sooo refreshing… 


So, what about being happy?

Recently I was guiding a group exploring energetic alignment, and a wonderful question was asked…

“Should we strive for the vibration of happiness in every moment?”

This question brought out other questions from the group such as… 

“Do I have to be happy all the time in order to be spiritually connected?”

The reason why I loved these questions, is because many times in spiritually and energetically focused communities it can seem that needing to maintain continuous positive thoughts are absolutely necessary. 

And if you’re not able to do that, then you fail.??

At this time of year there is often a lot of stressful triggers that arise for many people. A time when sadness arises, as well as great joy.

If you’re experiencing a little up and down of emotions and energy right now, please don’t be hard on yourself – you’ll only drain more of your energy.


So, back to the “happy” questions…

Although it’s true that the vibration of joy is an extremely elevated vibrational frequency and when you feel this kind of joy it benefits not only your entire well-being (every cell in your body), but it can also positively impact those around you. 

I will suggest to you that the most beneficial skill you can master is to tune in with yourself and feel exactly how you feel. Trying to “be happy” is not actually going to shift your vibration. 

The best starting point for making new choices (or actually being able to step into a more joyful state) is to acknowledge and surrender to how you’re actually feeling. 

Please notice, I did not say “dwell in your feelings.” I said acknowledge.

In Tune (and highly empathic)…

Many of my private clients and participants in my programs are highly empathic. 

Empathic people more openly sense their immediate environment, as well as other people’s vibrational state of being. Some people also have an expanded empathic awareness of events that are happening worldwide. They tend to feel the energy in their bodies and until they learn tools to clear and protect, it can show itself as impacting high’s and low’s in their emotional state.

Some people are not yet aware how empathic they actually are and it can be enlightening when they understand how much it is affecting them and their work. 

In medical Qigong there are 3 specific processes I teach to get clear, reset and restore energy alignment. These skills empower and focus exactly how to respond to various situations, people and environments. The goal is that you’re energy is fully supported. This is exceptionally beneficial for anyone who interacts with other people.  smiley

When you’re highly in tune with yourself, there is never a worry about how you’re feeling because you have the tools to understand where your current “state of being” is. 

You don’t worry if you’re able to stay “happy,” because you have the practiced skill of checking in with yourself and shifting your “current emotional/vibrational state,” if it’s not serving you.

There is so much information we can gain if we just give our vibrational state some room to speak to us, instead of getting overwhelmed.


One tool I go into depth with my program participants and especially my private business clients, is to learn to explore…


“Is this my energy, or am I sensing something outside of myself?”

If you’re truly empathic it’s an extremely valuable skill to learn steps in how to tune in with your vibrational state and know what is truly yours and what’s outside of you.

I’d like to invite you to tune in to your state of being this week. 

Check in with yourself and explore exactly what you’re feeling.


Then tune in and ask yourself…

“Is this mine? Or, “Am I picking up information outside of myself?”

And, if expanding into new states of awareness is exciting to you, then please keep an eye-out for my new program in 2019 “The Art of Tuning In™” It will be an honor to share with you!

But for now, check in with yourself, honor exactly where you are and what you’re feeling. 

Keeping a space of presence and honesty, is the highest vibration you can hold for yourself.

Most importantly, be kind to yourself…

I thank you for being here.  

Much love,



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