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Energetic clutter in a physical world

Energetic clutter in a physical world.

by Maria Furlano, DMQ (China), MTOM, L.Ac.


Sometimes it's time to say… "Out with it!"

When I am working on spiritual, emotional or physical clearing with my clients and students, I begin looking at the energetic clutter that is influencing their levels of vitality on a daily basis. I will ask them to begin recognizing any physical items in their surroundings that are not bringing them joy.

When we walk around our home, office and sit in our cars, it's important to understand that whatever surrounds us has a vibrational influence on our energy.

This means that if you're engaging with an item that has a history to it, that "story" is influencing your vibration and levels of energy.


"For example, I recently found a beautiful chess set packed away, high in a closet. I took this set when I ended a long term relationship (many, many years ago). I understand why I kept it… The set is unique and it was expensive. But I realized that every time I looked at it, I didn't see the fun, or beauty of this chess set. I just saw it as an "item I got to keep after a breakup."


So, it was very clear I had 2 choices – I could finally let it go or, if I really, really wanted to keep it, I needed to take the time to release the energy associated with it. (This is called releasing the "energetic charge," something I teach private clients and in my workshops and can be done with people, items, places and events).


We create our own vibrational rhythms each day.

Our vibration uplifts when we surround ourselves with items that bring us joy. Our vibration weakens when we engage with items that remind us of sad times, breakups, loss, anger & all other depleting types of emotions.


STEP 1:  ENGAGE the positive

Walk throughout your home, room by room and begin to notice what you LOVE to engage with.

3 Questions To Explore:

1.  What draws your attention to this item in positive ways?
2.  What memories do you experience with these items?
3.  Why do you like this item?

Examples of high resonance:  Uplifted, happy memories, inspired, give courage, warmth, peaceful, safe, comfort, joyful, expanded, and inspired.


STEP 2:  Engage the less positive

Walk through your home and begin to notice what you turn away from, or have been “ignoring” in your environment.

Look at the physical items in your home, but also look at how your environment makes you feel, such as wall colors or textures, carpeting and how your furniture is arranged.

3 Questions To Explore:

1.  What do you feel when you engage with these things?
2.  What memories (stories) do you experience?
3.  Why are you keeping this item?

Examples of lower resonance:  Tired, sad memories, angry, cold, dull, discomfort, resentful, contracted, fearful, or hesitant.


Please be aware that some items may have become invisible to you.

You may be unconsciously blocking them from your daily interactions because of how they make you feel. So you will need to take your time to really explore.


This step is simple…  If it doesn't feel good, it goes into a box.  

STEP 4:  WAIT (If needed)

Now this is completely up to you. You're own time frame and what makes you most comfortable is what’s most important.

I usually suggest that if you're having a really hard time releasing an item, or several items, then it's obvious you need to take more time to clear the energy attached to it. This can be done over time, or you may wish to get some help by someone who can support you in releasing the energetic chords related to this situation.

Sometimes we need a little time to resolve our feelings and experiences. When we can resolve situations while holding the highest respect and care for ourselves, we're always stronger for it. Just don't ignore it.

But, on the other hand if you're ready to let it go… then let it go and CELEBRATE! It's almost a guarantee you'll breathe more deeply when you do!


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