Energy follows thought

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Energy follows thought
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"Energy follows thought"

by Maria Furlano, DMQ (China), MTOM, L.Ac.

Last week, I was sitting in a beautiful spot under a tree, writing in my journal and enjoying a most delicious cappuccino, when I overheard a woman say to a younger man at the coffee stand… "I had a real senior moment yesterday!"

It was obvious they were acquaintances as the man kindly listened to the woman's story. The woman went on about several frustrating events and a chaotic schedule. When she finished her story, the wise young man said to her… "That sounds like a busy moment to me." I just smiled quietly to myself.

She heard the man's wise words, but insisted on pointing out another story leading with the words… "Talk about a senior moment. Wait till you hear this!"

Again the kind man listened with patience and gently said, "Perhaps creating more space in your schedule with less frustration would be a good idea?" Personally, I thought this was an excellent suggestion. 

The following day, I was in a hospital waiting area and the receptionist began telling me a story of being very busy and frustrated and forgetting to do something that was important to her. At the very end of her story she said, "I had a real senior moment!"

Wow! Was I really hearing these exact words two days in a row? As the woman looked at me (most likely with my mouth hanging slightly open) she said "Don't worry dear, you'll understand when you get to be my age."


Words create our mental & emotional space

Our words are often a direct reflection of what we have "learned" from others.  For example, if we grow up, or hang around people who believe that older age brings forgetfulness, sickness, fatigue, loneliness, etc. then chances are that you'll most likely be influenced with those same beliefs. 

Perhaps you've heard expressions like… "Well, you know at our age" or "Getting older sucks!" or "I don't heal as quickly as I when I was young" or "Everyone gets sick and dies."

It's always a good idea to ask yourself, what do you really believe to be true for yourself? Are you thinking thoughts that you have just picked up in your environment, or do you know what truly resonates as your own truth?


It matters to your brain & your body

Our thoughts are magical and vital contributors to the flow of energy in our body. To maintain inn tranquility our mind and heart must aligned and united. Often our heart and mind are in direct conflict.

Chemical reactions in our body are created with our thoughts.  Here's a short excerpt from an article in Psychology Today titled "Thoughts, neurotransmitters, body-mind connection. Our thoughts influence our bodies directly, and vice versa." 

"In the same way as the body affects the mind, however, the mind is capable of immense effects on the body.  The literature has demonstrated again and again that thoughts affect neurotransmitters, the chemical messengers that allow the brain to communicate with different parts of itself and the nervous system. Neurotransmitters control virtually all of the body’s functions, from feeling happy to modulating hormones to dealing with stress. Therefore, our thoughts influence our bodies directly because the body interprets the messages coming from the brain to prepare us for whatever is expected." | Ron Breazeale Ph.D, Dr. Talya Steinberg | Psychology Today


"Energy follows thought"

In Chinese medicine, there is a well known saying… "Energy follows thought."

What this traditional Chinese medicine saying means, is that our thoughts have a direct impact on the movement of energy flowing within our bodies.

Just as modern science has found the chemical relationships of the mind and body connection, Chinese medicine has known for over 2500 years that our chronic thoughts can bring personal imbalance, or powerful well-being. 

By paying attention to our thoughts we all receive the gift of internal awareness. With awareness comes the ability to choose. When we have the ability to make better choices, we more easily activate the life we truly desire.

Just remember the saying "energy… follows… thought."


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