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Lifting vibration
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Lifting vibration

by Maria Furlano, DMQ (China), MTOM, L.Ac.


A very happy new 2018 to you!


I was recently asked if I do anything to shift and raise my mood (aka: vibration) besides my daily practice of Qigong and meditation? 

During the day, when I feel I need to shift my mood, music is one of the best tools I use.

I pre-create playlists for myself from different artists that have the kind of energy I'm looking for.

Recently a dear friend of mine introduced me to Spotify and I have been having great fun exploring and creating playlsts for my office and for my home/family atmosphere. I'm always on the listen for great music that has a great message and great sound. That way when I need it, I just press play and turn on some great tunes, jump out of my chair and dance like no one's watching! If I can break a sweat it's even better. But even just a few moments of smiling, moving, breathing and listening to lyrics that make you feel higher, is all you need to shift into a space of feeling better. 

Of course I have lot's of wonderful gentle, flowing music to help myself relax and breathe more deeply…  But, I think there's even a greater need to get our energy moving with some uplifting – drum beating – groove moving music. This kind of music is so good at moving out stagnant energy, getting the blood and oxygen flowing and activating mood lifting chemicals in our brain.


What I've learned is that in order to really manifest change, we have to feel it, live it and be it. 

The gift of this is that the higher frequency we can remain in more of the time, the more elevated energy we share.
The reason for this… When we feel an emotion we begin to radiate that emotion out through our cells. This changes the vibrations around us and we're able to create and then attract new things for ourselves. 

The reason for this… When we feel an emotion, that energy begins to radiate out through our cells. This changes the vibrations around us.

Formula:  Energy is created from within – What we feel we radiate – We then attract to us what we've created from within. 

At the end of each year I have a ritual I enjoy that align's and move's my vibration forword into the New Year:

I take time and journal about everything that I appreciate in my life. I look at my entire life, not just the past year and I welcome all the grace I've received through all of my experiences. 

Sometimes I write paragraph's (just like I'm telling a story) and sometimes I simply make a list of all the wonderful things. 

This of course, is something you can do at any time of the year, but it's become a tradition for me to do 2 times a year, once just before my birthday and a second time at New Years. 


Some music for you

While I was doing my journaling this year, I listened to a song that truly goes straight to the heart… Originally written and sung by John Lennon, “Imagine” is as powerful a message today, as it was back in 1971. 

These 2 versions are my favorite… For the original "Imagine" by John Lennon click here.  For the gorgeous musical arrangement of “Imagine” by Pentatonix click here. I hope you enjoy them. 

My heart's desire in this New Year is that more people find their own authentic self expression. In order to raise the vibration on this magnificent planet, we need everyone to share the truest parts of themselves with the highest forms of integrity, respect and heart centered communication.



Do you have your own "heart's desires" for this glorious new year? Or, do you have some favorite uplifting music to share… Please share below!

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