Rooting the Mind

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Rooting the Mind
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“Rooting the Mind” 

by Maria Furlano, DMQ (China), MTOM, L.Ac.


Why is turning OFF our stress response so important?

We have a fantastic feedback mechanism that signals the chemical cascade of stress hormones flowing through your body to turn off when the immediate stressor is gone.

If your stress response does not shut off (because you are living in a consistent state of chronic stress), the major systems of your body (nervous, endocrine, respiratory, cardiovascular, reproductive, immune, digestive & musculoskeletal systems) are impacted in negative ways.

Medical Qìgōng skill sets naturally and effectively activate the parasympathetic nervous system which is known as the "rest and repair" system of the body.

Their are different schools of medical Qìgōng but all exercises include specific breathing techniques, visualization and meditation practices, as well as understanding the importance of posture for optimal flow and vitality in the body.

The various styles of "moving exercises" that medical Qìgōng offers, targets opening, releasing and balancing of different Acupuncture meridians in the body.

"Rooting the mind" visualization is used to reboot and restore energy and can be used at anytime of the day or night.


The immediate benefits of practicing "Rooting the Mind" guided visualization…

When we learn to refocus our energy we can easily decrease mental chatter, relieve anxiety and overwhelm, begin to relax our physical body, while at the same time rebooting our stamina and mentally refocus.

Caution please:  "Rooting the Mind" is a powerful visualization technique for relaxation. Please do not listen, watch or practice while driving any moving vehicle, or operating machinery.

The "Rooting the mind" visualization (aka "Mini You") technique, can be done either sitting or standing. Follow along with the included video until you are able to memorize the sequence.  After you get comfortable with this sequence, you will be able to use this tool anywhere at anytime… Except while driving, of course 🙂

The Effects of chronic stress…

The effects of chronic stress reaches far and wide within our gorgeous bodies. Chronic stress that is depleting literally effects every system we depend on for vitality.


Here is a brief over-view chronic stress and how it can affect us

Do you identify with any?

Mental focus:  Inability to concentrate or complete tasks, forgetfulness, disorganized, pessimistic, poor judgment, & consistent worrying.

Immune system:  Increased infections, frequent colds, & autoimmune flare-ups.

Musculoskeletal system:  Body aches, pains, muscle tension, & headaches.

Endocrine system:  Menstrual imbalances, sexual function, sleep, mood, & stamina.

Digestive system:  Stomach upset, bowel irregularity, nausea, & appetite changes.

Cardiovascular system:  Chest pain, racing heart, & heart disease.

Addictive coping mechanisms:  Alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, sugar & caffeine cravings.        

Nervous behaviors:  Pacing, fidgeting, nail biting, & teeth grinding.

Emotional balance:  Easily agitated, depressed/moody, angry, anxious, & irritable.

But the great news is that as we become more and more aware of how we are flowing (or not flowing) through our lives, we can make changes. Once you get into the habit of being aware of your environment and how you are reacting to it, then this is one of many tools that can be used to shift, refocus and reboot your energy at will.

I hope you find this tool useful. Remember you can access this page whenever you need it.

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