Changing racism and being an ally to that change…

This past week I have been listening. As a white woman I have been listening about how I can be an ally to change racism in this country. 

I was deeply moved (and helped) by a woman on instagram who created a video answering the many questions she’s received about how can white people be an ally right now? I saw her video on Instagram @Ivirlei and I was not able to stop thinking about what she shared, as well as her call to action for white people who want to be ally’s.

I hope you know that I support all people of color and all the diverse cultures in this world. I support all gender and sexual orientations as well… I didn’t think that I had to say it out loud… But maybe I do? Maybe I have just been too silent.

I made a video today that I put on my social channels to share the self reflections I’ve been doing with my own growth around the subject of racism.  I hope you’ll take a look HERE at this video I made about the things we can do in our own private circles to create change right now.

I’ve realized how quiet I’ve been in my own life in many situations because I was afraid. I’m still learning how to speak with clarity (instead of all out anger) when it comes to anyone being dis-honored. So, I’ve stayed quiet in many situations I’ve been in that I just shouldn’t have been quiet in.  And for that I have deep regret.  And I am willing to change that beginning now.Self reflection is a lifelong process. The most important time is now.

Thank you for listening and for being here.

Much love,

Dr. Maria


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Hi, I’m going there today – I’m going to talk about racism as a white person in this country in the United States.

And this has come about from a recent video that I saw by a woman by the name of Ivirlei, (@Ivirlei on Instagram) and I really hope I’m pronouncing her name right. Many people have seen this video by now. It’s one of the most thought provoking and tool orientated video for white people to really be able to step forward and help make a change that I have seen. I saw this video a few days ago, and I have not been able to stop thinking about the things that she said and to really sit down and look at myself.

I consider myself an extremely open person. And yet at the same time, the points that she made about how I may have personally contributed to allowing the racism in this country to keep going, really resonated with me. If you haven’t seen the video, I’m going to of course going to link to her below. I would really suggest watching if you’re at a loss like I am, as a white person, not knowing what to say, at this time and yet knowing that we need to contribute but not knowing how – without feeling like we’re going to make a mistake.

One of the things that she said is to self reflect on what other things that I’ve ignored or assumed about people of color. And being vocal in small arenas, so I have a very small platform, right? I’m a healer. And I’m a teacher of the energetic arts. I have a small platform at this time. And you think your voice is really small. But what resonated with me, with what she’s talking about is that it’s not small.  When it’s every single day, in your environment with the people who surround you.

There have been so many times, you know, I’ve been looking at the self reflecting that she talked about, you know, she says, “gotta get comfortable with being uncomfortable.” Yeah, I teach that in all other parts of my life. And somehow this part I’ve really ignored about how prevalent and ongoing this has been.
This reflecting on so many times when I was sitting in workshops with adults, and the instructor may have said things that were…. Not MAY have said things…. That’s it right there (the blind ignoring)… They SAID things that were completely inappropriate completely disrespectful. Whether it be towards people of sexual orientation, whether it be towards people of color, whether it be towards women. Whatever it is, and I sat there amongst the other people and didn’t say anything, and thought to myself… Wow, that’s really ignorant. But didn’t say it. None of us did. Some of us may have spoken silently on our own, but we didn’t speak up.

And then I thought about how angry I’ve been in those situations, or just in group settings and hearing people throw off… White people throw off remarks that were completely racist, completely inappropriate.

And how myself and others will just kind of look at each other and be quiet because we’re afraid of starting a fight, or really probably being disliked. Right. And thinking While this person is just really ignorant, you know, let’s just move on. But that’s the problem we just keep moving on. And realizing that the anger that I feel and have felt is from not speaking my truth enough, and for allowing the fear and allowing the liking and not making a problem in the way, and that has to stop.

And what I loved about what I really was saying was creating this new identity. When these things come up, what are we going to say?

I think personally, it might be great for all of us, who are wanting to create changes to think about in our life right now, while we’re being quiet. What would we say? What are we going to say? When we hear these little comments? You know, how are we going to speak up?

Because it doesn’t have to be violent. But it needs to be true and consistent. And that’s really what it’s about right now. It’s about the small things we can do in every moment. And that’s what I appreciated so much from her (@Ivirlei) video and making me so aware of all of the little things throughout my life that I’ve contributed to the movement forward of racism, by not speaking up by thinking, well, if I’m quiet, and, you know, I’m just gonna let it be. It’ll just somehow disappear because this person is ignorant, and they’re gonna have to learn and the rest of us know better. And we don’t feel that way.

But yeah, it doesn’t work that way. So I’m doing a lot of self reflection. And I really encourage anybody else who’s feeling like they don’t know what to say or do or feel or, you know, but they want to, they want to change this and they understand that this is not just going to go away by a single march in the streets, that this is a process. This is a healing. This is a total healing. And healing takes time. And there are layers to healing. But it also doesn’t have to take so much time that it doesn’t start to shift immediately. So if you’re with me, let’s create those shifts immediately. Thanks for listening. And if you have any thing to add, I’m listening. Have a good day. Bye.