Creating Space and Why We Don’t do it more easily…

Creating space is one of the best things you can do for energy flow. Learn why we usually resist and what you can do about it.

I know a lot of people are home, and they’re realizing a lot of things about their environment. When we get busy, when people go off to work, we have busy schedules… A lot of times we don’t have the time to really look at our environment because we’re running in and out. We’re too busy.

And then when we’re in it, we start to see things and experience emotional energy, that maybe we ignored before or actually didn’t experience because we were not in that space.

We’re going through such a huge shift right now in the world, in our space… Creating space for ourselves in our living environment, also creates space for our emotional self for our mental self, our spiritual self, for moving forward in our life, and reduces stress.

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Creating Space and Why We don’t | episode #020

Maria Furlano, DMQ (China), MTOM, L.Ac.



Introduction:  Welcome to The Art Of Tuning In Podcast with Maria Furlano, sharing insights, tools and conversations to inspire your energetic well being. 


Hello, and welcome. This is Maria Furlano. Thank you for joining me on The Art Of Tuning In Podcast. I’m so glad you’re here today. In today’s topic, I’m going to be sharing some insights about creating space. Creating space in your personal home, creating space in your work environment. But I’m also going to be talking about why we often don’t create that space for ourselves, even though we know in our heart and our mind in logic, that it would be great and that we would feel good. But there are some real reasons why we don’t do it. So I’m going to talk about that a little bit today and give you some tips if this is something that you’re struggling with. or questioning. Some tips that you can do right away and some questions you can ask yourself right away, and hopefully we’ll get you to the root of what it is that is blocking you and help you take steps forward. 

~Breathing Check In~


Before we begin, as always, please, let’s take a nice deep breath and bring us completely into our present moment. Just for a moment, we’re going to inhale through our nose. And as always, we’re going to make our exhale longer than our inhale, just to help calm us down. Bring us present, even if right now you’re chopping up vegetables and making dinner. Just don’t close your eyes. But feel free to breathe in through your nose and just let your exhale be nice and long. If you’re driving, inhale, keep your eyes open and just exhale and you’ll feel yourself just ground into your seat. Great. Again, the more we just take a moment to get present with our breath, the more actual energy we’re creating for ourselves during our day. 


Creating space and why we don’t. 

First of all, I want to say that I know a lot of people are home, and they’re realizing a lot of things about their environment. When we get busy, when people go off to work, we have busy schedules. A lot of times we don’t have the time to really look at our environment because we’re running in and out. We’re too busy. 

And then when we’re in it, we start to see things and experience emotional energy, that maybe we ignored before or actually didn’t experience because we were not in that space. And I’m hearing from a lot of people and I’m also seeing a lot of people post on social media that they’re struggling with a lot of changes in their relationships with how they move through their day, because they’re being faced with things that, before if you’re busy, you can ignore or just kind of put off. So this is a really good time coming out of quarantine. Even if you’re starting to be busy. This is still a really good time to continue to clear energy. 

We’re going through such a huge shift right now in the world, in our space… Creating space for ourselves in our living environment, also creates space for our emotional self for our mental self, our spiritual self, for moving forward in our life, and greatly reduces stress. 


All Items Hold Vibrations…

So one of the things that we want to remember is that every item in your home, or your office or your car, hold different vibrations. And what I mean by that is they’re taking on the energy of how it was they were given to you, whether they’ve collected a lot of dust, whether there’s a lot of clutter and blocked energy. 

And sometimes we hold on to gifts, for example, that no longer serve us. But we don’t get rid of the gift or give the gift away or donate the gift. Because we feel guilty because someone gave it to us. 

Or, sometimes we bought an object for ourselves. And we think well, I spent money on that object and I can’t just give it away or throw it out. I mean, that was a lot of money, but that object is not bringing you joy. It’s not bringing you clarity. It’s in the way, maybe it doesn’t even work. 

But we tend to hold on to things the same way that we tend to hold on to relationships that don’t serve us the same way that we tend to hold on to work experiences that don’t serve us.

And so by creating space in your personal environment, and looking first, at your personal environment, it’s like throwing a pebble in a pond where you have these ripples, and these ripples go out and then they start affecting the other areas of your life. 

We get used to how we feel…


We get used to being in a certain vibration. And what I mean by that, is that if we are currently in a space that hasn’t necessarily been really cleaned, or is full of clutter, or is unorganized, meaning very difficult to find things. You know when it takes you a while to find just the simplest thing? That takes energy. 

All of that creates stress. And it creates fatigue because whether we’re aware of it or not, our energy is aware of the environment that we’re in and it becomes heavy and it becomes stressed. And so when we’re in that vibration, by being in that environment, we do not feel like cleaning or organizing or getting rid of stuff. We just kind of give up. 

And so people never get things going, because they first don’t realize that they are actually picking up a vibration. So sometimes you can know this immediately, if you’ve ever had to clear a home. Maybe your parents have passed away. Or, another loved one, or a friend. And you are responsible for going into that home and going through the items, and clearing the items. That can be not only a very emotional experience because you miss the person. And every single item reminds you of something of that relationship, but you’re also picking up the energy of the person who lived there, or the people who live there. 

It’s exhausting…


And so you may have noticed if you’ve ever had to do this, that the experience can be quite exhausting. So all of that is a vibration. And that’s what I mean by we walk into vibrations, we move through vibrations, our energy field is a vibration, and it’s constantly changing. 

And so to be aware, just FIRST. Just to be aware that if you’re having a hard time clearing and creating space for yourself, It may be that you’re just not acknowledging that the space is heavy, that the energy is heavy. And sometimes when you just become aware of that, you go, “Oh, see, there’s nothing wrong with me this space is heavy. All right, let me begin a little bit and a little bit.” 


And the other thing that I would tell you to do, so number one, you need to become aware of what is the vibration of your space, right, you need to just be aware of how it feels, and that it may be actually pushing against you. And definitely if it’s cluttered, or if it’s unorganized, or if you have items that are from other people who you’re not happy with, or you have items that no longer work, or you have very sentimental items, but they’re not bringing you inspiration and joy… They’re actually bringing you sadness… All of that creates a vibration and creates stress. And creates a heaviness. So becoming aware of the vibration is the first idea and suggestion that I would give. 


Number two, ask for help. We tend to be very secluded in our environment, we can get overwhelmed very easily if we’re in an environment that is not clear. And we can get very hard on ourselves. “Why can’t I do this? I’m lazy” 

And so that’s why becoming aware of the vibration first is really important, but then we often still are pushing through that vibration to get something done. And so asking an outside friend who isn’t living in that environment, to hold you accountable, you know, sit and explain what’s happening say I need to clear my space I need to create a new you know, new vibration of space for myself, but every time I think about doing it, I get overwhelmed, I get exhausted, I never seem to follow through. And if you’d be willing to just hold me accountable to give me kind words to give me gentle inspiration… (Maybe you’re going to choose to begin one day a week just to start to clear things, or maybe a small amount). One of the big tips that a lot of people who talk about clearing space give, is to set a timer for 5 minutes to 15 minutes a day. And that’s it. 


And you actually set the timer, because you are telling yourself that you only have the amount of time that you’ve given yourself and when that timer goes off, you’re going to go and do the other things that you have to do. So you actually begin to train yourself a little bit every day to straighten your space. 

One thing that I used to do (now I work from my home office), but when I had an office in Los Angeles for 13 years there, I would never leave that office until my desk was completely straight. 

So that meant that the next day when I came into the office, I came in to a beautiful sacred space. So in healing work, in coaching work and spiritual work, you want that space to be full of high vibration. And so it was very important that I finished for the day and that I was able to come in the next day with a clear space to reset my intention. 

And so that’s what I also work towards creating in my home. I always want my home to have a clear intention. I find it much more difficult at home than it is in an office space because in office space, it’s my own, you can create your own energy. But if you’re in a space where there’s other people with you, or you’re in an office space with other people, you know, certainly at home, you may have other people or you may not, you may live alone. But our thoughts create vibrations. What we’re watching on TV is creating a vibration that’s coming into our home. What we’re listening to all of that creates vibrations, and there’s nothing wrong with it. But the energy does need to be cleared. So the more we’re aware of that, the more control we have over the energy of our environment. 

And so if you have a friend who can help you in a very kind way, because we’re not going to be hard on ourselves, or create any guilt in this process. This is supposed to be a process that creates clarity and fun, okay, but if you have a friend who’s willing to just give you those gentle reminders and support, I really suggest it (someone outside of the home).

And of course, if you do have a lot of stuff to clear, and you need help if you have friends who are willing to help you, that’s pretty awesome. But you might even think about hiring people to help you because it is overwhelming. 


So number one question that I’d like to pose that you ask yourself if you really continue to hit a wall with clearing. 

First… You’ve made yourself aware, and you’ve made yourself willing to see your environment. 

But then ask yourself, What am I resisting? 

By not creating clarity of space for myself, so our environment is energetic flow. When we have pathways in our home or office that are blocked, you know, by chairs or tables and there isn’t a smooth flow of energy, all of that contributes to blockage and stuckness and not moving forward. And we are creating our environment. So if we’re creating our environment, it’s really good to ask ourselves, why are we setting it up that way? Right? So in your home, you have control over how you set things up. If you’re working in an office space, you may not have as much control over that. Certainly if you have your own office, of course, you have control. So whatever you have, control over, how are you shaping the space and the flow for yourself? 

So question one, what am I resisting? By not creating clarity of space for myself? 

And then number two, when you ask yourself, “What do I think is going to happen when my space is clear?” 

Often times, the root of why you’re not creating space in your life comes right to the surface. And I always suggest to my clients and students to journal. Journaling is a phenomenal practice. And the reason is because it takes your energy into a writing tool onto a piece of paper.And it makes it real, we can’t just like think it away. 

So it’s a wonderful tool to use and ask yourself, What do I think is going to happen, when my space is clear? 


You may find that things are going to pop up in your head, things like I’m going to be accountable. Or I will not have any excuses to not step into that project that I’ve been waiting to do. Or it may just be “I don’t know? It’s an unknown.” 

All of these things contributing to resistance. And so exploring them can just break down the walls of the resistance and allow you to really move forward. We all have resistance, all of us in different areas of our life. Resistance is not a bad thing at all. Resistance is only telling us that we are pushing something away. And sometimes, yeah, we need to push that thing away. But sometimes we’re just used to pushing it away. We don’t even know why we’re pushing it away. Or we just need to get to the fear of why we’re pushing it away. 

And the only way to ease resistance is first become aware that it’s there and to become willing to see the truth of it. But once you become aware and you’re willing to see the truth of it, the resistance begins to dissolve. And you actually relax. You learn to let go. And now you have a choice to open yourself for more ease and flow. 

Quick Recap of steps…


Just to quickly recap, understand that the fatigue, the vibrational fatigue of being in a space that isn’t clear, that’s overwhelmed, that’s cluttered that’s holding emotional energy, feeling fatigue and stress is a real thing. It’s a real thing in that space and you’re not making it up. So become aware of that vibration.


And then once you are aware, ask yourself, “What am I resisting by not creating space for myself by not creating clarity of flow for myself? What am I resisting by not stepping into this?”


“What do I think is going to happen when I actually create that space?”

When I create ease and flow and clarity in my life?”

“What’s going to happen for me?”

Sometimes that can be a big realization of something you’ve been blocking. And sometimes that question can bring such inspiration to you that you can see, you can finally see, oh my goodness, if I do create this space, I can have, or achieve, or do, or feel this way!

And that can be inspiring enough to ask for help, to start clearing to start creating and to start thinking about your environments in completely different ways.

And remember, we’re talking about home, we’re talking about work. We’re talking about your transportation vehicle. That also gets very accumulated and you want to clear it out. 

So thank you for joining me. Let me know if you have any questions. I wish you a beautiful week of clarity and I will see you in the next episode.

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