Energetic Fluidity

emotional stagnation & well-being
Energetic fluidity, emotions & wellbeing.


In Eastern energetic medicine, fluidity has great value physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually.

flu•id•i•ty (n.)

1. the quality or state of being fluid.
2. the ability of a substance to flow.


The value of physical relaxation…

creates a free flowing state of consciousness

A few thoughts…

The ability to think outside the box.

To problem solve, through the ability to receive and understand various input in all directions, while remaining flexible enough to utilize it.

As a medical qigong doctor, it's the value of openness and relaxation of my fascia and muscles, so energy can flow efficiently throughout my body.

The ability to move through life without loosing or wasting our energy reserves.

I use to wonder what was meant by the saying "no mind." Now (for myself anyway),  I experience it as a completely expanded state of being, that allows total presence within myself, while at the same time complete access to universal wisdom.  But for me, the skill it takes to experience this glorious state of being, is the ability to move into a place of fluidity. Not always easy, right?

Many of us have heard by now, that our consistent thought patterns, create the quality of health we maintain, according to their emotional impact.

In past articles I have spoken about "descending overwhelm" and briefly touched upon the energetic movement of anger within our bodies. This is an example of the impact that our emotional states have within the function of how we feel, react and respond on a daily basis.


The value of "purging"

There is a lot of information easily found on nutritional toxins. A great number of people are cleaning up their diets and better supporting themselves from a nutritional and cellular perspective and I think this is truly awesome.

Still needed… Understanding the value of releasing emotional stagnation. 

In Medical Qigong we call this stage "purging" and use focused Qigong exercises, breathing and sound to open lymphatic flow, meridian flow, blood flow, and organ flow, in order to begin the process of moving stagnation that is also restricting on an emotional level.

There is a saying in the martial world (martial arts) "Nothing to protect, nothing to defend."

For me, this is a state of being, when we are no longer using up all our energy for self-protection, hiding or sneaking around truth. When we are finally able to put down our sword and shield step forward knowing who we are. And more importantly, being proud of who we are.

Defending and protecting ourselves is truly exhausting – and most likely, we have all experienced different versions of this state of being. In order to gain the ability to let go of the armor, requires getting absolutely "real" with ourselves. Honesty on this level means saying goodbye to our ego-self, but not our self-confidence.



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So many times when we allow fear to move into our lives, we want so badly to feel in control. This rigidity is trying so hard to protect us, but sets up barriers and energetic blocks throughout our entire physical, emotional and energetic systems.

Creating greater fluidity in your life.

1.  Embody what fluidity means to you.

This can be a challenge for many of us – I know it was for me.

Personally I began training in martial arts when I was 12 years old and I was very competitive. I was an excellent athlete and strong, but I definitely had a need to perfect everything I did. My “go get-em” attitude did bring me success, but I often burned myself out too.

It took me years to understand the value of fluidity and softness, (instead of wanting to control everything around me).  When I finally understood the tremendous power of fluidity, everything in my life changed.

Tension (physical & emotional) is a slow & draining force, that little by little depletes our reservoirs of vitality.


2.  Take time each day to become aware of how you are moving through your life.

Awareness is key to shifting anything you want.

I use the world “shift” a lot with my clients and students because when we set out to create a new reality for ourselves, it always requires a shift in our perspective.  An empowered understanding of awareness always creates lasting changes (or shifts).


3. Appreciate yourself.

When was the last time you really took some time and appreciated yourself?

We often spend so much time "working on ourselves," fixing things, helping others, or putting out the "dramatic fires" in our lives. (I am not a big fan of drama – huge energy drain).

Appreciating yourself is not an ego trip. It is an honest look at the goodness you hold within your soul. This is soul work, not ego work.

If you are not used to taking time to appreciate yourself, you may find this task a little daunting or more difficult than expected. That's OK, it's just a great indicator that exploring appreciation may be of tremendous value.

Have a glorious day!

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What does fluidity mean to you in your life? Please share your insights below. heart


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