In the new year restoring our energy is an essential aspect of well-being.

In medical Qigong and Traditional Chinese medicine the time of the new year holds a valuable asset in restoring our energy. Because restoring our energy is a guide to setting us up for well-being in the seasons ahead.

At the beginning of a new year restoring energy can seem like a strange luxury.

So many people want to begin brand new exercise routines, eating plans, detoxes and life adventures with new habits and  plans of all kinds. But, this is a time when I often say to my clients “Hold on for just a minute and let’s take a different view.”

New Year Restoring | episode #010

by Maria Furlano, DMQ/DCTM (China), MTOM, L.Ac.

In the new year restoring our energy is essential for our foundation of energy in the seasons to come

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Welcome to The Art Of Tuning In Podcast with Maria Furlano sharing insights, tools and conversations to inspire your energetic well being.

Happy New Year!


Welcome to Season two Episode 10, I’m Maria Furlano it’s great to have you here with me today.

It’s 2020. I can’t explain it. It just feels right. I know that there is so much going on in the world right now that it doesn’t feel right. But I just have this wonderful internal feeling that there is right now the right alignment that is set up for just fantastic potential for all of us in the world.

And I truly hope we will reach out and embrace that.

~ Breathing Break~


With that positive feeling shared, will you take a moment with me for our usual breathing break?

If you’re new to my podcast – welcome! I always take just a moment to tune in with our breath.

And if you’ve been with me for a while, thank you for being here! And you know that when we get into the habit of doing this on a daily basis, in short bursts, it creates a very powerful habit of easily realigning our energy in any moment that we need to or want to.

So if you will take in a nice deep breath, a nice long inhale through your nose (if possible) and then when you’re ready… You’re gonna take an even longer exhale out your mouth (if that feels better to you), or out your nose.

The longer you exhale the more it relaxes our nervous system and it really helps calm our heartbeat.

One more time, if you wish… Inhaling through your nose and then when you’re ready and even longer, exhale out your nose or your mouth. Whatever feels best to you today.

Excellent. Thank you for tuning in there for a moment with yourself.

New Year Restoring in 2020


A few years ago, I wrote a post called “New Year’s Resting” and how to look at this specific time of year – January, a new year, in winter time.. A little differently then how most people look at this time

Personally, I always look forward to the New Year. It gives me a sense of renewal. I get inspired. I love the feeling of new things evolving. I love the spirit of the time.

I know that many people often want to begin brand new exercise routines and eating plans and detoxes and life adventures and habits and business plans and all kinds of things.

And this is a time when I actually say to many of my clients…

“Hold on for just a minute and let’s take a different view.

We are in the time of winter, and it’s a time of restoring energetically.

It a new year of restoring.

Winter is a time of rest. It’s a time to repair and go within.

A time to restore our energy for the seasons that are to come.

We’ve been told by advertising and and businesses that because it’s the New Year, we’re supposed to feel recharged, were supposed to be excited. We’re supposed to be full of energy and ready to start all kinds of new things.

In Chinese medicine and of course, in the practice of medical Qigong, we learn to live as much in harmony with nature and the seasons as is possible.

Winter is the deepest time of the yin energy and nature (and very simply) when we talk about yin energy, it represents a more deeper withdrawn energy, a real time of quiet and of going within…

And practices that help us to connect with ourselves to rest a little more.

To listen deeply.

They’re one of the best supportive activities that you can do for yourself in the winter. You see in Chinese medicine. It’s believed that each season supports the energy of the following season.

This is true for nature and in all living things, and winter is a time in Chinese medicine there is a great focus on supporting your adrenal energy.

The winter energy is about supporting our kidney energy and our bones, so that when we move into spring, the energy of healthy and strong bones and our adrenals supports the upward and the forward movement that is natural in the spring time.

The spring time is about the liver energy. It’s about our tendons and ligaments, and I’ll talk more about that when the spring comes. But for now, paying attention to our bones in the winter is actually great common sense. But many people don’t necessarily understand that it’s the time when coldness seeps into your bones and it creates many issues of imbalance in the body that often end up to be re-occurring.

So besides, dressing warmly and protecting your neck and your spine (which I’m a big fan of) from wind and cold, eating warming foods is also a great way to support yourself in this time of year.

Stews and soups and lightly steamed vegetables or stir fried vegetables are some of the best ways to place nourishing energy into your body.

So when you think about nourishing foods, a cup of warm, delicious soup or stew just at least to me sounds so much better than a cold salad. And there’s a really reason for eating more soups and stews, especially at this time.

It’s also really valuable, especially if you’re not feeling well.

Your body conserves energy by eating stews and soups, because when what you eat digest easily, your body doesn’t have to spend excess energy in digestion time.

The key to the healthy benefit of eating soups and stews that support your health is if you simmer the food over a period of time, the energetic and the therapeutic substances that are in those foods they begin to gently release, and as the stew and the soups cook… When we ingest those nutrients that have been slowly released, our body digests it more easily.

Our body takes in the nutrients more fully, because it doesn’t have to spend so much energy on trying to break down the food.

So this is why soups and stews are so highly recommended for healing, especially when someone is ill or recovering from something like surgery or giving birth, or dealing with intense health problems.

When health issues are really intense looking at the nutritional quality of your diet is essential.

And researching soups and stews for nutritional support is really worth doing.


Another aspect that you could use tomorrow, which would begin to nourish your digestion and nourish her energy, is starting to incorporate ginger into your life. Immediately you could begin drinking a small glass of ginger tea, hot ginger tea or warm ginger tea 1 to 2 times a day.

And it’s just fantastic for digestion and your immune system and inflammation. You can add fresh ginger to your stir fries and your soups and your stews.

And if you do happen to do fresh vegetable juicing of any kind, you really want to try adding ginger to your recipes because the warming qualities of the ginger will actually help you digest that vegetable juice in much better way.

And it’s just so great for immune system that wherever you can add ginger, it’s so helpful.

I’ve had a lot of clients tell me that they’ve never made fresh ginger tea before…


People get used to buying tea, or teabags with ginger in it, but I don’t recommend the tea bags. I always recommend fresh ginger,

{Please go to “Links mentioned in this episode” under this post for videos on how to easily use fresh ginger.}

Using fresh ginger makes a huge difference when you’re using it for healing and medicinal purposes, so whenever possible, use fresh ginger and not an already prepared tea bag.

Traveling and ginger


When I travel, I take ginger with me, but I take a jar of powder ginger. You can get it in the spice section of your grocery store where you get cinnamon and nutmeg in that spice area. But I just put a very small pinch of the powdered ginger in a small cup of warm water, and I drink it when I’m traveling just to keep my immune system up, just to help me with any digestion issues. If you ever feel nauseous. Ah, Ginger is excellent for that as well.

When we’re able to recharge during the winter, we can jump into the spring and summer with ease because we’ve built our energy reserves. Sometimes when I bring up this topic, people get put off a little bit because they think I mean for them to sit around and do nothing in wintertime. And that’s not it at all.

I know there are so many people right now who are enjoying all kinds of fantastic winter sports, and wintertime is probably their favorite and highly active times of the year.

When I’m talking about going with the seasons, what we’re really talking about is being mindful of the kind of support that we can give ourselves to prevent a weakening, or a depletion of energy with the purpose to be ready for the next coming season of our energy that we’re going to spend.

So just be purposeful in keeping your bones warm and eating nourishing soups and ginger tea, taking a bit more time to rest and restore yourself.

For those of you who do get a bit overwhelmed this time of year, it most likely means that your energy is asking for a bit more taking care of at this time.


In the United States, we can get really caught up in the new year through our advertising and telling us it’s time to begin new habits and detox our bodies and exercise and plan new things and jump right in… But energetically this is a time of going within, and I’d really love for you to just just think about that.

How does a new year of restoring sound to you?

How does a hibernation or recharging feel to you?

It’s not a time to shake up everything in your life and everything in your body.

The spring time is actually the best time afford movement, movement and outward action, but the wintertime is of inward action and restoration.

So how do you balance this in a world that goes against the natural flow of nature and nurture and renewal?


As you’ve heard me say before, we have to be aware first. If we don’t recognize something ourselves, we can’t change it.

So if this is important to you, you want to recognize that we’ve been told that this is a time for all new things to begin. And it was decided that January is where the new year begins, even though in nature things are resting.

Just understand that your natural energy is needing to stay warm and nourished. If you need more rest or quiet, just allow yourself to have it and communicate with the people around you.

And when I I say it’s time to go within… I mean, it’s a time for what I called deep listening.

You can be out in the snow, skiing in nature and be listening deeply.

I’m not saying be snuggled under the sheets in your bed and hide all winter.

I’m saying to simply be conscious that your energy in the winter is about restoring and the important thing to understand about nourishing this time of year is that through that nourishment leads to a huge outpouring of creativity and ideas and really important action steps in the following spring and summer.

Because if you haven’t restored and you don’t have the nourishment within your energy, then you won’t have the same access to creativity and this feeling of vitality that you normally would have right if you were full of energy.

So, if you notice that you’re trying to go, go, go, go and you feel tired, there is a dissonance there with the amount of output you’re expending compared to what’s needed by your body to restore.15:


You might get the urge that you need more sugar or caffeine, actually a short catnap or meditation, or gentle stretching with really deep, nourishing breathing… That would be amazing for your energy.

I catch myself on this all the time – When I’m really craving sugar, I’m usually tired and trying to find something to keep me going instead of just literally closing my eyes for 10 minutes and breathing deeply. It’s amazing what that little reboot will do.

If I have time to take a real nap or definitely go to bed earlier that night, that’s even better. But sometimes we don’t have that time. Sometimes we’re just in the middle of stuff. We have to find the breathing tools in these times of being quiet to support our energy.

Restoring doesn’t mean stopping our life.

It just means understanding that energy needs to be supported in different ways, and it needs to be supported daily in different ways.

We really get used to doing things the same way over and over, even if it feels off. But we don’t know why we just keep doing it, even if it feels off one of the main experiences that I work with with people on actually understanding their output of energy versus their input of energy.

When I say input, I mean what they’re taking in, as well as their reactions and responses to life, because how we move through our daily life in our thoughts and our words and our physical action – either gives us a foundation that nourishes us or it doesn’t – it’s that simple.

Leaking energy


Leaking energy can happen because of injuries at certain points of our body and areas in our energy fields. It can come from emotional pain that we are experiencing. It’s really important to not ignore these areas of your life  – where you’re actually leaking energy.

This is something that I’ll be teaching in my upcoming online programs. If you’re interested in learning more, of course, I’d love for you to be a part of that. Please visit and become a part of my community when you sign up for my free audio series. I’d love to share that with you.

And please remember that a very important aspect in longevity practices is the understanding that our energy shifts and adjust every day.

And it’s so important to get to know how your energy feels to you. How is your energy moving or not moving? Once we learn how to gain awareness and really tune in and access our own energy, we have self empowerment beyond what anything else can give us.

So how do you feel about this time of year? Do you recharge? Do you love to go full speed ahead.? Do you have your favorite practices at different times of year?If you have anything to share, I’d love to hear it.

Thank you for taking time with me today, and I’ll see you in the next episode. Happy New Year.

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Thank you for tuning in. If you’d like to go deeper into expanding your energetic wellbeing, please visit Maria for llano dot com. And if you’ve been inspired by this episode, please share it with a friend. And a positive rating on iTunes is always appreciated. Thank you for being here for being everything you are and for tuning in with me today.

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