Energetic flexibility is an essential skill.

Energetic flexibility is an essential skill, easily created by moving through the 3 phases of “clearing,” “tonifying,” and “regulating” in medical Qigong. In this episode I share why it’s important to have energetic flexibility and how to understand the 3 phases of energetic development, specifically practiced in medical Qigong..         

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Energetic Flexibility and 3 phases of medical Qigong | episode #011

by Maria Furlano, DMQ/DCTM (China), MTOM, L.Ac.

Introduction:  Welcome to the art of tuning in podcast with Maria Furlano sharing insights, tools and conversations to inspire your energetic well being.             

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Hello. Hello, This is Maria Furlano. Welcome to The Art Of Tuning In Podcast. It’s great to have you here today.                

In this episode I’m going to share with you why it’s important to have energetic flexibility and a little about the three phases of energetic development specifically in medical Qigong and why it’s so powerful.         

~Breathing Tune In ~

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But first as always, if you’ll take a deep breath with me – just to get us focused and engaged into our center. And if you’re new to this podcast, welcome and all you want to do is just take a nice deep breath. And then when you exhale, the key is to make the exhale longer than your inhale.      

So, please breathe in with me and when you’re ready, exhale as long as you can…. Nice and slow.. Letting all the air out. This really resets your nervous system and brings you much more fully into the present moment.   

One more time if you will… Inhaling at your own pace and then making your exhale nice and long. Making the exhale longer than your inhale really just helps align your energy and calms your heart rate. And the more we practice this throughout our day, the more in tune with ourselves we get used to becoming. It’s a great quick break, no matter where you are. Thank you for taking the time to tune in to your breath.

Energy Frequency

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I was just reading some beautiful wisdom quotes. To get myself in a new frame of mind, and it made me begin thinking about all of the frequencies of energy and how it changes around us all the time.        

Energy is a frequency.           

Emotions are a frequency of energy.         

And when I talk about energetic flexibility, what I’m referring to, is that you could be having an elevated day, things are moving nice and happy and then suddenly you hear about a tragic world event, and there is a frequency of fear… Or someone in your life got hurt, or is sick, or passed away and all of a sudden you’re being exposed and experiencing a totally different frequency than what your day began with.                  

There’s always going to be ebbs and flows in our day to day life and even moment to moment.          

And even though most of us – probably especially if you’re listening to this podcast, you want to stay in a positive state. It feels good, it attracts more elevated frequencies into your life.

But if we’re not flexible with our energy and know how to continuously receive and let go, we can get overwhelmed easily.  

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Many people who learn energetic medicine are highly empathic people who feel and sense the energies of others very strongly… And can sense the energy in world events strongly as well. And I’ve had several students ask me how they could build their energy to a point so they wouldn’t be affected by what’s going on around them because they’re overwhelmed by the energy that they’re picking up.               

Instead of feeling overwhelmed and literally being overrun by what’s happening around us…

We can learn to pause, reset, align and go into an expanded state of being… which is what I’m referring to as having energetic flexibility.               

I actually believe energetic flexibility is an essential skill in life.     

There will always be something going on in our lives… But knowing how to move through our daily life from our center is actually what allows us to be really flexible and to stop being overwhelmed.           

Just like the famous quote by Vivian Greene…

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning how to dance in the rain.”  ~ Vivian Greene (Author, Motivational Speaker) 

3-Phases of medical Qigong Transformation

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A question that I often get asked is why there are phases in medical Qigong exercises? Why is it so important to do the phases in order? And the simple answer is because we’re building a solid foundation that will enfold layers of vitality within it.

In an episode #006 I shared the differences between Health, Martial and Medical Qigong versus Taijichuan, and I shared that in Medical Qigong we target the acupuncture meridian systems and organs through specific exercises that treat those areas, so we can achieve the healing needed for a specific imbalance. If you haven’t listened, or you want a quick refresher after this episode, please visit episode #006.  And of course, I’ll put the link in my show notes and transcript and you can access those on mariafurlano.com/episode011.                   

So back to phases…

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There are 3 phases of realignment we focus on for healing. And also to create lasting shifts in wellness.

This is what keeps me motivated. I want to create lasting shifts in my life. And I want to teach people how they can create lasting shifts. And this is why the order of the realignment phases are so powerful. 

Phase 1 “Clearing”

We take the time in the first phase to clear our energy, we begin to allow all the circumstances that we’ve come to hold onto begin to share themselves with us. Once we see clearly what is coming up we gain the awareness to make the choice to dissolve what’s no longer needed. This clearing process is definitely not a phase to be rushed.                 

People often want to build their energy, but not take the time to clear what’s needed. In Chinese medicine we always want to remove and dissolve, never cover up or push deeper inside.


Especially if we have stagnation, then how can we absorb new energy properly?

If you try to build more and more energy, you simply stack on more stagnation – layer over layer. The foundation is empty energy.          

So, if you want to strengthen your energy within your body, your clearing first is important.        

Phase 2 “Tonifying” and 3 “Regulating”

The second phase is “tonifying” (which means strengthening”) and the third phase is “regulating” our energy flow.        

The Pond Story

{08:11 podcast}

I often tell a story about a pond (and the pond represents ourself), but the water in the pond is murky. It’s filled with garbage and toxins, and the circulation of the water is very weak. You can’t see the bottom of the pond. Everything is just kind of stuck and stagnated and there’s no transformation happening.               

If we were to begin phase one of clearing the pond, we would slowly begin to remove the garbage from the water and out of underlying soil, cut back the plants around the pond to allow nourishing sunlight. We might even put a pump in the pond to get energy moving. Over time the water is clearer and clearer.                

Now in phase two, it’s time to begin “tonifying” the energy of the pond, so that the pond can continue to thrive with support. We add energy in this phase in small doses – perhaps with oxygenating plants. We take our time and allow the plants to grow and the new energy we’ve added to cultivate. We don’t overload our pond – We allow time and cultivation.

Now we move to the third phase called “regulating.”  We want to keep the energy of this glorious pond regulated and flourishing. So, once we’ve cleared and strengthened the energy of the pond’s environment, a foundation’s been built that can hold a space for birds, butterflies, frogs and fish to be active. The environment needs this regulating energy to continue to thrive.  

And it’s just like that in our own medical, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual body.

{10:28 podcast}

I know sometimes in our own life when we know it’s time to shift things, it can feel scary and overwhelming and we can even have feelings of unworthiness and lots of excuses and fears that come to the surface.

If you’re in a place where you feel it’s time to create shifts whether they’re small shifts or maybe you’re needing to create big shifts right now.

If you begin to experience resistance and fears to change, I always suggest people to look into to connecting with their hearts. 

And and this may be new for you or not easy for you to connect to your heart.  But if it’s your true heart’s desire to create the shifts you want within yourself, your heart will always guide you and bring you back to center. Our hearts always, always bring us into our truth when we’re connected to them.

And to end today’s episode I have one more quote to share from Buddha…

“No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path”  ~ The Buddha

Outro:  Thank you for tuning in. If you’d like to go deeper into expanding your energetic wellbeing, please visit mariafurlano.com. And if you’ve been inspired by this episode, please share it with a friend. And a positive rating on iTunes is always appreciated. Thank you for being here for being everything you are and for tuning in with me today.  

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