Fear is just a place of vibrational frequency where we generally feel out of control. And the things that we can do in our lives to help create and put us back in control of our own well-being will naturally decrease this fear vibration in ourselves.  And of course, whatever we decrease in ourselves amplifies out into the world and helps the world.  

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Getting out of fear | espidoe #011

with Maria Furlano, DMQ (China), MTOM, L.Ac.

Welcome to The Art Of Tuning In Podcast with Maria Furlano sharing insights, tools and conversations to inspire your energetic well being.  

Hello, everyone. This is Maria Furlano. Welcome to The Art Of Tuning In Podcast. This is episode 012 and I’m so glad you’re here with me today.  

I want to talk to you a little bit today about my experience of what’s going on right now. If you’re listening to this podcast in March in 2020 then you know that right now in the world we’re dealing with the Coronavirus (COVID-19). And I want to talk to you a little bit today about some things that I’ve been reminded of some good things and some things that I’m doing in my life, that are helping deal with all the stress that this has been creating.  

But first, before I get into that today, as always, and I think is even more important now than ever… Let’s do a little bit of breathing if you’re new to my podcast – welcome.  Thank you for joining me today.  And if you’ve been here for a while, you know that we always begin with just some simple tuning in breathing.  

You can do this anywhere that you are. It’s very simple. And we focus on the exhale more than the inhale. Just if you’re driving, of course. Don’t close your eyes. But if you aren’t driving and you’d like to close your eyes and you’re able to just rest and sit back in your chair for a moment or standard or lay down even, um, just take a few moments here to just breathe. So we’re gonna inhale through our nose a nice, long, relaxed, easy breath. And then when you’re ready, you’re gonna exhale through your mouth. And the key is, we’re gonna make the exhale longer than our inhale, and it helps relieve more stress from our body. It helps our nervous system relax. It softens our heartbeat, and it just creates a sense of ease. And when you’re ready, go ahead and inhale again and exhale out your mouth nice and long and slow. Take your time…  

One more time – Inhale through your nose and at your own pace, exhale nice and long through your mouth. Just a really quick way to tune in and relax our nervous system.  

Thank you for joining me with that. So there’s a lot going on right now between the flu between the stock market, between traveling between people, being stranded between people, not knowing what’s going on and being left in the dark to all of the drama that also comes up with all fear in the world.  

And remember, fear is just a place of vibrational frequency where we generally feel out of control. And the things that we can do in our lives to help create and put us back in control of our own well-being will naturally decrease this fear vibration in ourselves.  And of course, whatever we decrease in ourselves amplifies out into the world and helps the world.  

So one of the things to remember, is that when you’re under stress, especially chronic stress, it does decrease your white blood cell count in your body and white blood cells are called lymphocytes and they help fight off infection.  

And when you’re under stress and your body is reacting and the white blood cell counts are lowering or being affected, you’re more able, or at risk of catching viruses and common colds and also cold sores. So it’s really important to not put your head in the sand about everything that’s going on and just ignoring it. You want to be proactive and taking care of yourself, but you also want to be really honest about how you’re feeling.  

If you try to shove down that you’re not afraid and you don’t allow those fears to come out and you don’t allow yourself to let go of them and be supported, then all you’re doing is shoving down your stress.  

So one of the things that my husband and I began doing a couple of weeks ago is we started having short conversations about how we were going to support each other in self care.

First of all, we don’t really watch the news. We have found that watching the news is not a healthy vibration for us, so there’s a fine line right now between being aware of what’s going on, gaining educational information and not getting caught up in all of the excess drama that is being precipitated whenever you have a world event like this, so being educated is important. Understanding how things work is important because it can keep you safer.  

But it’s also really important to feel in your body. Literally feel into your body how certain information is affecting you and what’s happening with your mental state with your emotional state and with your physical state remembering that they’re completely connected.  

So we’ve been supporting ourselves in really taking responsibility for our self care. And even though yes, I practice Qigong and and I practice Chinese medicine and I work with people… I also have to remind myself to not get caught up in fears and in over giving and not caring for myself.  

Being empathic, meaning I pick up other people’s emotions very easily and world events very easily… As I know many of you out there are also highly empathic and highly intuitive in different ways. You’re picking up energy all the time, and it’s really important to be aware that you are also picking up the vibrations of events that are going on around you. They’re not all yours, but you have absolute control over them.  

So, for example, this morning I woke up and I sat at the edge of my bed and I noticed that my brain was absolutely running, just running, running, running like a hamster wheel. And at first, I started to feel all of the fear and the stress and everything that was coming up. And then there’s a part of me that I’ve trained that kicks in, that says, “Wait a minute, Stop, Stop. Hold on, pause. Take a deep breath.”  

And I visualized this morning  )because I did see, like a hamster wheel running in my brain), I visualized that the wheel just started slowing down. So I took a breath and I went into my brain and I just slowed it down… slowed it down… slowed it down, said things to myself like “It’s okay, I hear you. I understand there’s a lot going on. Let’s just slow down and breathe.” And I did that for a few moments until I became in a neutral energy or a neutral state.    

The value of this is that you’re learning to take control of your energy and everybody can do this.  

It takes a little practice.  Sometimes it doesn’t go as quick and you need to get up and move around, throw water on your face, distract yourself a little bit. But having the awareness that you actually can take control of how you’re feeling is always the first step. And then again not ignoring how you’re feeling.

We don’t try to run away and become neutral and ignore our feelings. We recognize what’s going on. So I value the emotions and myself. I know that from my own experience, my emotional state is also completely connected to my intuitive state,   

What you want to do is recognize, is this information my intuition, or am I picking up another vibration right now that isn’t even mine?  

And once you begin to recognize those states, you begin to acknowledge, almost like there’s a little child going on. So when I saw the wheel running in my brain, I didn’t get mad at myself and mad at this part of my brain, I just knew that the energy in my body was completely in my head and completely running wild, and that it needed to change direction that it needed to slow down, and I needed to ground myself and root myself and then move into my day from a different space.  

The thing is right now is that you may find that you need to do this several times a day or even throughout the night.  When stress comes up.  It’s OK, that’s what we want to do. We want to stop, breathe and reset our energy as often as we need.  

And what this does, of course, is it changes our nervous system so that our immune system stays stronger because we take ourselves out of this chronic state. So something that you also can do is to distract your mind in a healthy. 

Movement is a big deal in dealing with stress.  Some people automatically have routines in their life where they go running or they do yoga or Qigong or Taijichuan, running, or faced paced walking, and it’s natural for them. And it’s a great way of dealing with stress.

Some people kind of lock down in stress.  Becoming very contracted and you don’t feel like doing anything at all. And when that happens, you really have to talk to yourself and get yourself moving.    

The easiest way, of course, is if you’re able to take a brisk walk, or if you have a stationary bike at home, or you have an elliptical machine or you have, you know, an exercise video or anything that you can log on to. If you like to run, that’s always great. But you want to get your body moving in physical movement and in breath movement.  

But here’s the thing, and you may have noticed this when we move, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we stop thinking.  

How many times have you experienced doing Qigong or meditating, or taking a walk or a run, and your brain just continually thinks about all of the problems? So now you’re moving and thinking about all of your problems.

Now, one thing that I was always taught in Qigong is that if you do have a problem like, let’s say you are having a discussion with someone and it becomes very intense. A really good thing is to take a walk and to talk while you’re walking because you are moving that liver energy and it’s helping to disperse the energy which will help move the conversation.  When you sit and you talk or you sit and you ponder and think and worry, energy just gets stuck. So it’s a good thing to move and when you are dealing with an issue.  

But what I’m talking about is that right now there’s so much stress going on and people are constantly thinking and bombarded with one thing or another. And if you’re exercising or trying to meditate or doing Qigong or yoga, and your brain cannot stop thinking what you want to do is to focus, focus completely on the movement you’re doing at the time.      

You’ve heard me say in the past that Qigong is wonderful because the movements of Qigong help distract the mind, which makes it easier for people to begin to do Taijichuan, or Qigong before meditation, because they’re able to start to relax their body and their mind, because you focus on the movements.  In meditation, if you’re not used to doing that, and it’s difficult for you to ground your energy, it can be really tough and a struggle to get your mind to be quiet.   

But let’s say you do yoga or let’s say that you love to walk or run or do some sort of other exercise, and you’re really having a hard time letting go of thoughts that are coming up right now. What you want to do is 100% focus on whatever you’re doing. So if you’re doing a yoga stretch, you want to move your intention into your body and into the muscle or muscles that you are working with. You want to take your breath completely into that area.  

It’s the same if you’re practicing at Qigong or Taijichuan. You want to slow down everything, and you want to take your mind into exactly what you’re doing and experience it.  

If you’re taking a walk, you want to feel your feet on the ground. You want to see how your breath is moving. You want to relax your shoulders and move your arms differently. You want to first be in your body and really feel what you’re feeling and get connected.  

You may need to do this in short bursts all throughout the day, like two minutes five minutes, 15 minutes, all throughout the day. You get up from your desk, or get off the phone or whatever it is that you do… Take a breather and tune into yourself – tuning into your own energy – talking to yourself – allowing yourself to ground. This is gonna make a huge difference over time for you to deal with chronic stress and all of the information that’s coming to us at this time, and that’s going to continue to come to us, most likely for, you know, several months.  

The other thing that I wanted to share with you today is to make sounds. In medical Qigong, we use sound vibration, meaning that we make sounds and resonate that vibration with certain organs we’re working on. And what it does is it breaks up stagnation.  

So let’s say you don’t know the sound exercises… That’s okay, because what you can do right now for yourself is simply use a descending “HA.”    

“HA” is associated with the energy of the heart and in anxiety and stress, our heart is out of balance, right? But our anxiety and our focus is out of balance because we’re usually scared in some way, or feel out of control in some way.  

So the key is when I say to use a descending “HA” sound  – descending means you’re going to start from above and go down. So this is really simple.   

If you know Qigong, you would do descending “HA” with the Pulling Down Heaven exercise at the same time. If you don’t know that exercise, you can just simply stand, put your arms up in the air and then just slowly lower them, as you say “ha.” Or, you can just stand or sit and do a descending ha.

So it’s really simple. You’re just going to inhale through your nose and then you’ll exhale saying “HA” out your mouth and I’ll demonstrate it for you here…  I inhale through my nose. Exhale saying “Haaaaaaa” in a descending level. You just want to make sure that you’re doing full belly breathing, that you’re breathing into your belly and that you exhale as long is good for you. So you may exhale a lot longer than I just did, or your exhale might be a little shorter right now. That’s okay. Just as long as you have a nice, even and long inhale and a nice, even and long exhale.    

Another thing you can do that my husband and I do all the time in the car, especially if you get frustrated with the driver, is you can do a lip trill. You just put your lips together and exhale again. You just let the air out at the end.  

These exercises are ways to express and let go of energy in your body.  You can pretty much do them anywhere. If you were somewhere where you were feeling a lot of stress, and it was not appropriate for you to make sound, you can still do the descending “Ha” sound, but you could do what we call a silent ha.  Inhale through your nose, and as you exhale, your mouth is saying the ha, but it’s like a whisper. My mouth is shaped saying “Ha” but my exhale is quiet. I understand that the “Ha” is connected to my heart, and that my heart is releasing the energy that is being pent up or full of anxiety. And in my mind, I’m descending the sound and breath. I’m still going from high to low, and it is a way to just simply let out stress in your body, let out the pent up anger or penned up fear or pent up anxiety.  All of that contributes to our anxiety.    

I wanted to to share with you today some of these things, and I hope that they help you. So again talk to the people around you see how you can support each other. What do you want to at this time to take care of yourself? Because the truth is, every single year we should be doing preventive health measures and expanding our health. We should be building our immune system every single year.  

So for me, this was just a great reminder that self care is so important and that we do have more control over it than we may feel sometimes. And decide in fun ways was things that you’re going to do. Remember that joy is everything. Laughter is everything. Happiness really does count, especially with raising our vibration. See as many funny movies that you can find, funny TV shows. Songs that raise your vibration inspire you, make you move, make you happy, make you feel powerful – books that make you feel powerfu,l pictures that make you feel powerful, hanging out with people that make you feel happy and joyful. That all contributes to our immune system, doing art, doing creative things.  Of course doing energetic vibrational work like Qigong, like meditation, like yoga and exercise, all of these things raise vibration.  

So if we can think about our health as vibrational frequency and elevating vibrational frequency, we’re all the way there in improving our health.  

Try out the sounds, try the breathing, let me know how it goes. And if you have any questions, please reach out. Share your insights. I’m always happy to hear from you. I’m so grateful that you’re here. I thank you for being absolutely everything you are. And I will see you in the next episode.  

Thank you for tuning in. If you’d like to go deeper into expanding your energetic wellbeing, please visit MariaFurlano.com. And if you’ve been inspired by this episode, please share it with a friend. And a positive rating on iTunes is always appreciated. Thank you for being here for being everything you are and for tuning in with me today.

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