Going within and calming that mental chatter

I hear all the time that one of the biggest problems people have is calming all that mental chatter that goes on and on, especially when they try to be quiet. It’s why we’re always distracting ourselves. Today I’d like to share one thing you can explore to help you tune and focus, while you go within and calm that mental chatter all at the same time.

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Going within and calming mental chatter | episode #022

by Maria Furlano, DMQ/DCTM (China), MTOM, L.Ac.

Introduction:  Welcome to the art of tuning in podcast with Maria Furlano sharing insights, tools and conversations to inspire your energetic well being.             

Hello, everyone, welcome. This is Maria Furlano. I want to thank you for joining me today on The Art Of Tuning In Podcast. If you are here for the first time, welcome, thank you for finding me. And if you’re a regular listener, I’ve missed you. I know that I have not been podcasting for just a little while and I’ll tell you why. It’s no big deal. But I had a revelation that I’m going to talk about in this podcast. 

Today I want to talk about going within and first before we go within. I’d like to ask you as usual to please tune in to your breath for a moment. If you’re new to my podcast, I always ask people to just take a moment to tune into their breathing, because the more that we get in the habit of doing this, no matter where we are, the more we get into the habit of empowering our own energy. So when we tune into our breath, what I asked people to do is to simply inhale through their nose. And then when they’re ready, when they’re comfortable, they’re going to exhale but they’re going to exhale longer out their mouth than they inhale through their nose. And when we activate, a longer exhale, what happens is that we automatically begin to calm the nervous system, and our heart rate begins to relax and slow down. And this is something that we can do anywhere so whether you’re driving, whether you’re walking, whether you’re making dinner, whether you’re even eating… You want to inhale through your nose nice and long and then exhale, out your mouth even longer. 

It also brings us right into the present moment, which is what this topic is about today, going within. 

So first I just want to mention that I am just so excited because one of the reasons why I have not been doing a regular episode these last few weeks is because this month and if you’re listening to this in September 2020 I am launching my brand new The Art Of Tuning In Online Studio Membership. And this is something that has been in creation for me for a long time, a real work and creation of love. I have been so excited to be able to bring energy elevating tools to people to be able to access to create a community to be able to do live calls, and actually really train in energetic well being. And so we’re launching this month! If this is something that you feel would be a great fit for you, I would love to invite you to be one of my Founding Members. And you can do that, if you do this before October 1 {2020} because we’re going to be closing registration on October 1. But before October 1 if you go to MariaFurlano.com, sign up and subscribe. You will receive an invitation and all the registration details and all the details about the online studio. So please go there subscribe. I’d love to be able to let you know more about it invite you and I look forward to meeting you if this is the right for you. 

And then the second reason why I have been away is because I have a home office and that’s where I do all of my podcasting from. And I’ve had construction on each side of my house, so not my house in particular, but each of my neighbors on either side have been having construction. And we’ve been having painting and roof washing for a long time now many, many weeks and it’s been noisy all the time. And if you’ve ever had to go through that, you know that there’s a pitch, there’s a sound especially to the sawing that can really get to you. I’m a sound person. Intuitively I’m extremely audio, I hear intuitive information so my ears are very sensitive to begin with.

And what happened the other day, which was so great, was all of a sudden, all of the sounds stopped. I was sitting outside because it was so warm in my home that I just wanted to get some fresh air. And I went outside and all of a sudden, all of the sawing, all of the hammering, all of the drilling, all of the hosing, all of it just stopped. And there was complete quiet, there wasn’t even a bird – nothing. And I sat there in the chair, and I literally felt my whole body shift. I kind of felt my awareness expand, I felt like my energy lifted. And it was like I went into just a slightly different realm for a moment because the impact of all the sounds and then to no sound. 

And I thought about how that is so similar to when we move into a meditative state, and we’re actually fully aligned in our meditative state because it felt wonderful. And it really shifted my whole consciousness. But I was reminded, a friend of mine called me up and said to me, how do you work in this noise? You know, how are you getting things done? How are you focusing? And the truth is, is that when I was very young, I started martial arts at the age of 12. And then as I went through my life, I trained another energetic arts. And then when I went through my Qigong training, we also very much trained what was termed really training under duress. But the duress wasn’t anything like, you know, violence or scary stuff, but it was training under things like loud music or talking or interruptions and how do you hold your aligned state of being in interruptions? 

And the whole point of the training and the same in the martial arts, you know we would train in all different directions, we would train under different emotional states, and the whole point is how do you ground and root yourself? How do you keep that alignment? The whole point of the training and all of these different things, is not only of course, in the Qigong training is when you’re working with a client and you’re doing a Qigong clearing or treatment, you want to, of course, to be able to hold that sacred aligned space and do the work. But it also moves beyond that. It’s about your own self cultivation and holding that alignment in your life, throughout your day, throughout your night, throughout each week, throughout each month throughout your year, so that your life is aligned. 

And what I realized when my friend said “How are you focusing?” Because you know, right now of course, this is 2020 September we’re still in the middle of COVID. And going out to a coffee shop is not quite the same. So I really needed to stay home and get work done. But what I realized was, how much my focused Mental Cultivation training really does kick in, just because I’ve practiced it for so long. I can literally focus in.

Do I get frustrated sometimes? Yes. Yes, there is a point where the noise reaches a limit. And you want to just scream. But for the most part for hours I’m talking about, there is an ability to be able to align your energy and focus on what’s in front of you. Taking breaks, relaxing your mind and coming back. And it is the same as when we talk about going within with our own meditation practice or our own yoga practice or our own Qigong practice, or any other kind of spiritually, energetically cultivating practice you might you might do when we are able to focus. We’re able to tune out of our circumstances that are impacting us with energy.

 And so I wanted to give you a sense step if this is difficult for you, I want to give you one step today, that you could begin to practice to do this with anything that you do. So whether you’re doing yoga, whether you’re doing Qigong practice, whether you do have a meditation practice, or even if, let’s say you need to get some work done, and focus in… 

The key is this. You want to be able, first of all, to make friends with your environment. So there’s a couple steps here, but it’s, it’s one focus. 

You want to make friends with your environment.

 If you go into your meditation or your practice in any way, angry and frustrated that you already feel like you can’t tune in, you can’t align yourself then you’re already setting yourself up for misalignment. So you want to use your breathing and you want to align your energy, but you want when I say go within, you want to focus on ONE thing. 

So a lot of times people will use a candle as a focus to look at focus their mind on, and it allows them to move the distractions away from them. 

But another thing that you can do is you focus on ONE SOUND.

So for me, for example, in this very loud construction time, I didn’t focus on the sawing, right, and there were lots of those noises, or the hammering or the yelling. There was a lot of yelling. It was more of enthusiastic talking, but it was very loud. And I focused on my fan. So I would put on a fan and I would focus on the noise of the fan and it was a low fan.

Or if I put on music, I would put on very soothing music so it was a little easier, but I would focus on a note in that music or rhythm in that music. If there were birds that I could hear, I might focus on a bird. So what I’m saying is, is that there’s ONE POINT OF FOCUS. 

Now please do not blow the fan on yourself while you meditate, do yoga or do Qigong because that absolutely is not good for your physical or energetic system. We’ll get into more of that in another episode, but you don’t want wind, heat or cold blowing on you while you’re doing these exercises that are very opening to your energetic vibration and your physical body where your pores open. So I just have to throw that in there… 

But if you turn on a fan and you turn it away from you, so you don’t have wind blowing at you, this is probably one of the fastest ways to focus on one sound. As you close your eyes, or you’re doing your practice, you tune your hearing to that one sound. You may have to do it and then stop and do it and stop. It really depends on how much you’ve done this before. What your attention span is that day. What your mood is that day if you like the sound of the fan, some some sounds we really resonate with some sounds annoying. Yes, you could use singing bowls, recording of singing bowls, right? So you’re getting the gist of what I’m saying. But it’s ONE THING and as your mind tunes in to that one sound. It’s tuning into a singular vibration. 

And as you’re able to do that your mind has a focus. You’re tuning out what else is around you, and you’re going deeply within your alignment. And what happens is that your mind chatter calms down.

You’ve given your mind actually a job by focusing on this one sound, which is really cool. And it helps the mind chatter, but you’re not distracting the mind so much that you can’t go within. And that’s the balance of it.

So I would love to know if you use tools like this to tune into your vibration and if you practice this tool, I would love to know you can always go to my blog MariaFurlano.com/blog and look for this episode Going Within | episdoe #022 and let me know if you use certain tools or if you have found ways that help you to go within much more quickly or more efficiently and stay there. 

The biggest problem is calming all that mental chatter…

Because the biggest problem that people have on a whole is to calm that mental chatter, that monkey mind as they call it, that goes on incessantly, especially when we try to be quiet.

So when we try to go to sleep at night, or if we try to meditate, it’s one of the reasons why people constantly keep a television on or constantly keep music on or are constantly busying themselves. But when we do that, all we’re doing is activating and activating and stimulating our mind right? We do need time for the mind to rest, to repair to restore to recover, it works so hard for us right? 

And we can begin to eliminate that mental chatter that comes up when we go quiet. And a really, truly helpful tool is to focus on one small sound that you can create or if you’re in a space and you find that sound yourself, commit, deepen into your breathing, and allow your body to relax, and it will really, really help your practice. 

Thank you so much for tuning in with me today. Again, if you’re interested in becoming a Founding Member and The Art Of Tuning In Online Studio Membership, please visit MariaFurlano.com. Subscribe and I will be sending out invitation to join starting next week. Thank you so much. Have a beautiful day everybody. 

Outro:  Thank you for tuning in. If you’d like to go deeper into expanding your energetic wellbeing, please visit mariafurlano.com. And if you’ve been inspired by this episode, please share it with a friend. And a positive rating on iTunes is always appreciated. Thank you for being here for being everything you are and for tuning in with me today.  

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