New Beginnings

This is a time for new beginnings and if you find yourself feeling guilty about feeling happy in a time of great concern or fear, please look at that guilt… Ask yourself, do I feel like I’m not supposed to feel happy?      

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New Beginnings | episode #013

by Maria Furlano, DMQ/DCTM (China), MTOM, L.Ac.

Introduction:  Welcome to the art of tuning in podcast with Maria Furlano sharing insights, tools and conversations to inspire your energetic well being.             

Today I want to talk about new beginnings and I want it share some questions that I’ve actually been asking myself.  If you’re listening to this podcast around the time it was recorded, it’s Sunday, March 22, 2020. And we are in the midst of the Coronavirus – people staying home, we’re waiting for information, we’re in the mist of cancellations happening, but we’re also in the mist of new beginnings. And I want to talk about that a little bit today.  

~Breathing Break~


But first, I’d like us to take a nice, deep breath.  If you’re new to my podcast. We always breathe at the beginning, just to center and align and tune into our energy.   Please begin with an inhale through your nose… When you’re ready, a nice long exhale out your mouth (or you can exhale out your nose). Either is fine, and if you’re not driving or doing anything that you need to be focusing on, you can close your eyes while you do this too and give yourself just a few seconds of break. Go ahead and inhale through your nose…. And exhale out your mouth again. This really helps to calm your heartbeat.


I want to begin today reading to you a small section from the  There was an article called “Compassion And The Individual.” I’m just going to read to you a small section of it, because it’s beautiful. 


“Interdependence, of course, is a fundamental law of nature, not only higher forms of life, but also many of the smallest insects are social beings who without any religion, law or education survived by mutual cooperation based on an innate recognition of their interconnectedness. The most subtle level of material phenomena is also governed by interdependence.  All phenomenon from the planet we inhabit to the oceans, clouds, forests and flowers that surround us arise independence upon subtle patterns of energy.  Without their proper interaction, they dissolve and decay. It is because our own human existence is so dependent on the help of others that our need for love lies at the very foundation of our existence. Therefore, we need a genuine sense of responsibility and a sincere concern for the welfare of others.”

And I thought that this article that was so great just to be reminded (again) of how absolutely interconnected we really, really, really are.

What I’ve been truly enjoying about this time is how people are coming together, how you cannot ignore anymore that we are connected to each other, within a neighborhood, in a community and a city and a state and a country and other countries and the world. There’s just no ignoring that.

We’ve always known that to a degree, but now we’re able to really see how people are reacting, how people are giving, who’s moving into fear, and helping each other move out of fear.

And so I’ve been asking myself some questions because I’ve been hearing from people, and there are many people who are of course, very concerned financially about things.  And they’re people also very concerned that they’re going to get ill.  But on the whole, what this has done is it’s really hit us in our survival mode. 

Root Chakra and Kidney Energy

So when you’re dealing with, worry financially and you’re also dealing with worry of your own health and safety, those are all root chakra issues. These are real, fear based concerns that arise. In Chinese medicine the fear energy is in the kidney area, and also the opposite of that is tremendous confidence, which is also held in the kidney area.  So this can be a very draining time for us, and I’ve been asking myself these three questions (that I’m gonna share with you) because I don’t want my energy to drain.  

I love having clarity in my life, but there’s also this information overload that’s happening. It’s like you wanna listen, but at the same time, you’re tired of listening, and it can be a very fine line between getting educated and being drained. For people who are listening to this podcast I know you are probably aware of that.  You understand that energy drain is something that we all want to avoid. 

And if you can understand that this is a real life force root fear that is being brought up in us with a survival… And you can give yourself some love to that area, give yourself some love to your foundational root chakra, the kidney energy, and ground into the earth. Give yourself some love, understand if you’re afraid that you’re also most likely, picking up the fears of the world and you’re picking up the uncertainties. 

And uncertainties can rock our confidence.

So what you want to do in the times of uncertainties is you want to really get creative.  A lot of people during this time are finding that it’s bringing out tremendous creativity in them because they have to think of new things. New things to do, some people have to be really creative and think of new ways to support their finances.  And a lot of people are really thinking about their life as a whole right now. 

Below are three questions that I’ve been asking myself, and I’m hoping maybe they’ll help you too.  Of course, I always go to gratitude. So I’m I’m going to begin with that.

Question One

Is this experience bringing out any changes in my life that I’m actually grateful for?

Sometimes when we have challenging experiences, especially on a world event like this, people can begin to feel guilty for actually being  okay.  Some people have said to me they’re really happy to be home from their job.  They’re really happy to not have to go into work.  They feel guilty about feeling that way because they know they’re not supposed to feel that way.  But it’s also brought out for people a lot of things that they realized that maybe they need to change in their life, good things that they need to incorporate in their life.  Maybe their jobs aren’t working for them anymore, so this creativity allow it to come up.  Whatever you’re grateful for, allow that experience to bring in you to draw up from you.  New ideas.  Be grateful.  Be grateful for everything, not out of fear or guilt.  Be genuinely grateful.  Look around and be grateful.  I have neighbors who sat outside last night in the street and they were six feet away from each other.  It was actually really funny and wonderful at the same time, they decided to get together. There was about six of them, I believe, and they sat out in their chairs.  They were in a big circle.  I live on a cut de sac, and I was invited to go, but I just wanted to stay in last night.  But at one point I looked out my window to see them, because I heard all these voices. And the reason why it was loud is because they were putting all this space in between each other.  But the text came in this morning from the neighborhood, from the people who attended and said they were so grateful just to be able to hang out with some people and laugh a little bit, for a short period of time and just get together.  And it reminded them that they’re grateful for connection. They’re grateful for friendships. They’re grateful for interaction.  So what are all of the things, maybe that we take for granted that we’re really grateful for? So that could be another part of that question.

Question Two

What am I learning about my personal connection to the rest of the world to this planet, its people, the animals, all of the natural environments and the atmosphere?

So what maybe did I ignore before, or really not take into full consideration about how connected we really, really are?  That old saying, you know how many people actually made this shirt that I’m wearing?  How many people were connected and absolutely essential to make this clothing that I have on my body, from the people who grow it, to the people who grow the material, to people who designed it, to people who created it, to people who market it, to people who ship it, to the people who deliver it?  How many people… How interconnected are we? What am I personally learning about my connection to every (not only person on the planet), but all of the nature, all of the atmosphere, all of the animals everywhere.  And energetically how connected are we? Because I believe, of course, that we’re 100% energetically connected.  That’s another question. If that’s interesting to you, can ask.

Question Three

What is one thing that I can do today that will bring a smile to my face?  

And this is something that if you’re in a lot of fear, or a lot of confusion, or you’re feeling alone, this is definitely something that is important.  I’ve been recently this last week putting out impromptu videos on Instagram.  The theme basically has been smile because when you smile, it elevates all of the energy in your body and breathing and smiling elevates the energy, elevates the oxygen. But it’s really important that you incorporate things into your day that make you smile.


There’s a lot of people that feel very guilty when there’s things happening in life and their joyful. They feel like they should not be joyful, that they should be intense, that they should be worried that they should be in fear because everybody else is, or what they’re hearing is fearful.  And that’s the worst thing that you could really do for your energy and again, whatever you do individually with your energy radiates directly out immediately into your personal environment, your family environment, your friend environment, your neighborhoods, your cities, your state’s, country, the world.

Energy radiates…

So there is this radiation of our energy. The more people in fear, the more that radiates through their body through their cells, into their energy fields and then into the world. The more people are in a state of love…

The Dalai Lama… When people are around him, for example, all I’ve heard and read that people have said is they can feel his energy from a distance.  You can feel the love.  You can just feel something special. You can see when people are around him, all of a sudden all the people around him are glowing in a different way. 

Energy radiates out of us, so that means it radiates out of us all the time.  It’s not something we turn on and off.  It’s always radiating. 

So again, if we’re in a fearful state, that’s okay.  But what can we do to help ourselves and, you know, maybe somebody else?  But ultimately it’s up to ourselves… What can we do to bring a smile to our face?  What can we do to shift that energy?  We might have to shift that energy 20 times in an hour. 

It’s not about having to do it perfectly.

It’s about doing it.

If you find yourself feeling guilty about feeling happy in a time of great concern or fear, look at that guilt… Ask yourself, do I feel like I’m not supposed to feel happy? Do I feel like I shouldn’t be super creative right now, because that makes me so happy?

Yes, you should be! This is the time! This is the time to be your most creative!  This is the time to go within. 

This is a time for us, all of us to think about and create a brand new beginnings for ourselves, and new beginnings should be joyful. 

I hope that this was helpful for you today.  I hope it brings out some new insights and lifts your spirits. And if you’re wanting to read today’s show notes, all of the show notes for every episode are always located on my blogged  And for today’s episode, you can go to  

Outro:  Thank you for tuning in. If you’d like to go deeper into expanding your energetic wellbeing, please visit And if you’ve been inspired by this episode, please share it with a friend. And a positive rating on iTunes is always appreciated. Thank you for being here for being everything you are and for tuning in with me today.  

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