New Moon Energy

by Maria Furlano, DMQ/DTCM (China), MTOM, L.Ac.

Today is a new moon, as we move into the official celebrations beginning for the lunar new year of 2020!

In modern astrology a new moon is the first lunar phase and is the phase occurring between the waning crescent and the waxing crescent moons.

When there’s a new, the moon is directly between the Earth and the Sun. The Sun, Earth and Moon are almost in a straight line.

The moon catches the Sun’s light on one side of the Moon (the side of the Moon that faces away from the the Earth). This is why a new moon looks so dark in the sky and is pretty much invisible. 

The new moon begins the energy of a new personal cycle.

  • It’s a time where there is a breath of new life and energy beginning.
  • It’s a wonderful time for fresh starts.
  • A wonderful time to begin new projects and creations.

Even though there are always situations in our world that are distracting, infuriating, and sad, it’s so important to direct the energy of our thoughts.

Our thoughts are an energy stream and they expand energy.

This is what we have immediate control over. AND it’s that energy stream that influences the energy not only around you, but also out into our entire planet. This is why what we think and how our energy reverberates is so important. We absolutely impact each other and our environments.

And on physical level, it’s a great time to elevate your energy through longevity practices such as yoga, breathing exercises, Qigong, Tai Chi, etc. so that you have the physical, emotional and spiritual foundation to see your new ideas and projects through to manifestation.

I think most importantly the new moon has a forward moving energy, that if we tune into can assist us in viewing our life, relationships, new projects and things we wish to create from a more expanded viewpoint.

In this forward moving energy it’s always a great idea to keep yourself grounded, so you can access even more deeply the intuitive gifts you have within you. 

When you ground yourself, you not only nurture and refresh your energy, but you’re able to clear and refocus your mental clarity as well. 

I mentioned a grounding visualization practice in my podcast (episode #009  | “Are you taking on other peoples energy?”)… That I originally created for my private clients who are professional artists and needed something they could use before auditions, interviews and meetings. It’s since expanded to my clients who are business executives, Mom’s and Dad’s and pretty much anyone who needs to have a foundation of  being able to “Root” their energy and find some balance and mental peace.

If you’d like to add this grounding visualization to your personal practice, please sign up HERE – it’s free to access (and the audio transcript is also available). And if you know anyone else who would benefit from this practice, please share the sign up page with them!

As always, thank you for being here and for being exactly who you are!

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