Permission To Restore Our Energy…

by Maria Furlano, DMQ (China), MTOM, L.Ac.

Guilt actually depletes our energy and giving ourselves permission to restore our energy is one of the best pieces of self-care we do for long term well-being.


Hi everybody. I am out in my favorite Park again. And I just finished recording a podcast episode on ourselves and healing. And I wanted to send out just a little reminder that our body needs time to restore its energy. So this podcast episode is all about if you’re someone who’s going and going and going. 


Remember that if your cells in your body don’t have enough energy, enough reserve, they can’t do their job for you.

And if you’re someone who is struggling with something like chronic pain or you’re struggling with an illness of some kind or a loss, which really depletes energy, just remember to look at if you need a little more time downtime, even if it’s in short bursts. 


Permission to restore ourselves without guilt…

The other day and I mentioned this on the podcast (episode #017) I took the whole day, I stayed in my pajamas, and I stayed in bed and I wasn’t sick. But I turned off my phone. I didn’t tell anybody except my husband what I was doing. It was weekday, and, and I watched funny movies all day, on Netflix. I had my tea and some, you know, just like my cuddle blanket. And I felt like a little kid playing hooky from school, and it’s what I needed. But before I did it, I talked to myself and I made sure that I was not going to spend the day feeling guilty that I was doing it. And that’s really important because we can tend to feel really guilty when we take time for our ourselves.


And it’s so important because whatever we feel – goes out into our bodies. So just remember that there is a lot of energy going around. We’ve been dealing with a lot of stress and different circumstances now for quite a while. And if you’re dealing with other things in your life as well, that is an added stress, and there is nothing weak about taking time to restore your energy. 


We’re all doing the very best we can….

So just a little reminder, everybody I know is doing the absolute best they can but sometimes, when we hear it from someone else, we give ourselves permission for more self care. So just sending you lots of love and lots of self care and have a beautiful, beautiful day. See you soon. Bye

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