Finishing Calm & Strong

Meditation Basics... simple understandings
Finishing Calm & Strong
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In this article…

1. Ending meditation with ease.

2. Lasting benefits & how to keep them going.

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How do you finish your meditations?


I am often asked the best way to transition out of a meditation. I love this question because many people are not aware that the transitioning out of your meditation is as important as the meditation itself.


In this article, I have included some easy key points to help your meditation experience be even more exceptional.


Ending your meditation with ease:

1. Before you open your eyes, take several minutes to root your lower Dāntián.

(“Rooting…” article


2. When you are ready to open your eyes…

Lower your head.

Slowly open your eyes to a very soft gaze. As you do this your eyes will be looking at the floor.


Then slowly raise your head, as the gaze of your eyes lifts with you.


3. Again, take several minutes to root your breath and energy into your lower Dāntián.

*At this point, if you are practice Qìgōng, it is helpful here to do at least 1 set of “Pulling Down Heaven.” (What is Qìgōng? Article


4. When you feel ready, slowly move your body.

Gently and slowly rotate your ankles, wrists and neck to open your joints from sitting.


After you have finished your meditation is an opportune time to just be and explore how you feel.


This is a time to sense your surroundings in a different way than you are used to. What do you notice?

You may want to try:

Go outside and listen to the birds.

Go for a gentle walk.

Lie on top of the grass and feel the earth.


If you feel you need to, take a nap.

What not to do after your meditation?

For at least 30 min (1 hour is even better) it is best to remain in a relaxed state and not "engage" in activities that can jolt your energy.

Your breathing and energy have been rooted and your heart is calm.

We do not want to “excite" the heart… remain calm and fluid for as long as you can.

Therefore, the following activities are discouraged after your meditation experience.

Refrain from jumping onto your computer.

Refrain from listening to loud music (especially with heavy drumbeat because it will excite the energy in your heart).

Refrain from watching TV.

Refrain from engaging in conversation on the phone or otherwise.

Refrain from stimulating exercise.


When we meditate we allow our parasympathetic nervous system (the “rest & digest” portion) to flourish. The longer we can experience this state of being, the more nourishing and restoring it is to our cells.

After meditation you may notice that time moves at a different rate, that colors are more vibrant, and that your senses and intuition are in an expanded state of consciousness.

The goal is to maintain this expanded state, listening to the nuances.

Let me know how it goes!

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