Frustration in getting started?

Meditation Basics... simple understandings
Stress, frustration & meditation?
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In this article…

1. Do you have frustration in getting started with your meditations?

2. Should you meditate when you stressed or anger?

3. Easy and accessible tips to create a better space within yourself for a more restorative experience.

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Sometimes what you do before, makes all the difference.

Have you ever sat down to meditate and ended frustrated?

You may have even given up on trying to meditate?

I hope not, because meditation is amazing for our health and peace of mind.

But I hear you… even though meditation is an amazing gift if you are struggling it does not feel so enlightening.

Sometimes it can be as simple as knowing when not to meditate.

It is extremely difficult for us to switch from one mental state of being to another.

For example, if we are very busy running around, emotionally stressed and mentally exhausted, our mind and body needs a little time to slow down and re-wire.


If you have tried to meditate immediately after any of these stresses, you may have ended more frustrated than when you started. 


Stressed or angry… Should you meditate?

The answer is no, NOT UNTIL you disperse some energy first. 

Here's why…

Asking yourself to sit down and meditate right after you have been working on a huge project, just finished having an argument with someone, or are dealing with any kind of intense turmoil in your life IS NOT the time to begin your meditation.

Things to do first: 

Disperse some of your frustration and tension first.

If you are exhausted DO NOT MEDITATE and instead take a nap. After your rest you can meditate. It is important when you meditate that you remain grounded and conscious in your body. If you are too tired you will most likely fall asleep during your meditation – what your body really needs is to rest. Nurture and restore your energy with a well deserved nap.


Tip #1:  Take a brisk walk!

For 20 – 30 min. walk outside and swing your arms.

Breathing is important…

As you walk, enjoy long inhalations through your nose… Slowly blowing the air out your mouth. Let ALL the air go.

Keep walking and breathing and feel the places you are holding tension. It will feel restricted in different areas of your body, most likely places like your neck, shoulders and back. Swing your arms freely, keep pace steady and upbeat

Focus breathing directly into the most tense parts of your body (one by one).

Then slowly blow all the air out through your mouth –  let everything go!


Lot’s of thinking, mental focus on a project, emotional stress, overworking, rushing around, etc. can cause so much tension and stagnation in the body, especially in the upper back, shoulder, neck and head area's.

Before you meditate, disperse stagnation & learn how to ground yourself.

By moving and breathing you will begin to pump your lymphatic system, as well as increasing the circulation of blood flow throughout your body. This will help to open and clear tension (stagnation) you are holding.

By breathing in a focused and directed way you will be more present in your body. Your energy will naturally begin to ground itself.

Tip #2:  Take your shoes off… walk barefoot in the dirt, sand, or grass.

Sensing through your feet is a terrific tool to become present in your body.

The earth elements (dirt, sand and grass) immediately help settle or ground energy.

The earth's elements have a drawing nature. They assist in draining, releasing and rooting.

*If you are not able to go outside, then take your shoes off and walk on top of a hardwood floor, or carpeting.

Sense through your feet. Feel every nuance… the coolness, warmth, moisture, dryness, and textures.

As you direct your mind to your feet, your energy will naturally descend.

Add Breathing:

Inhale through your nose.

Exhale as you blow the air out your mouth – long and slow.

Pause for a moment to allow your next inhalation to occur naturally.

With each breath allow yourself to sense a little more deeply through your feet.

It's time.

Begin your meditation practice.

If you feel any resistance, focus on your breathing and allow your body to settle and relax into it's aligned posture.



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