Today, we’re going to be talking about scattered energy. And the reason why I want to talk about scattered energy is because it actually is an energy drainer. So I want to give you a really great tool today that you can literally use anywhere. Because scattered energy is draining our energy and the more you use this tool, the more you support well-being within.

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Scattered energy is draining our energy | episode #028 transcript

By:  Maria Furlano, DMQ (China), MTOM, L.Ac.

Intro:  Welcome to The Art Of Tuning In Podcast with Maria Furlano, sharing insights, tools and conversations to inspire your energetic well being. 


Hello, everybody, welcome. This is Maria Furlano. It’s so great to have you here. Today, we’re going to be talking about scattered energy. And the reason why I want to talk about scattered energy is because it actually is an energy drainer. So I want to give you a really great tool today that you can literally use anywhere. And the more you use it, the easier it becomes. And it’s so simple. 


{Breathing Break}

But before we jump into that, as always, let’s take a moment and take a breath. Because that’s also of course, always part of our tuning in and bring ourselves back to our center. And if you’re new to my podcast, welcome, thank you for finding me and joining me today, I always take just a quick moment in the beginning of the podcast, just to tune into ourselves just to use our breath just to remind ourselves to be present. And that’s really especially what this episode is about today is about being present. So I asked people if they’ll take a nice, long inhale, nice, smooth and long, but they’re going to make their exhale longer than their inhale. So we inhale and then allow our exhale to be nice and long. And what this does is it calms our nervous system. It calms our heartbeat, it just allows us to be more grounded, more centered more at peace. So nice, long inhale, and then an even longer exhale. Great, thank you, I always want to thank people, I get some comments, people using the breath and being reminded to breathe, and it’s just so important. 


And that brings us to what I really want to talk about today is how much we take our breath for granted. So breathing is so natural, right? If we stopped breathing, then we transitioned from this lifetime, right? We were just not here anymore. breath is life breath is ci and breath is the fastest way for us to ground and center and reset our energy. But I think we tend to take it for granted. I think people forget about it until our breathing becomes in trouble. And then all of a sudden we think about it. But our breath is a tool that we can use. No one even has to know that we’re using it anywhere we are wherever we are every single moment. And it’s just essential.

Scattered Energy is draining our energy…

So when we talk about scattered energy, what I’m talking about is when we feel literally, like our energy is away from our body. Scattered energy can also be energy that’s way out in front of us or way in the back of us. And that can be thoughts that we’re thinking about in the past that we’re dwelling in. It can be thoughts that we’re thinking about in the future, it can be worried thoughts, not inspiring thoughts, right? It can be that we’re not just present in ourselves that we’re kind of numbing out, blanking out, trying to distract ourselves because we’re in pain, or we’re feeling scared, or we’re feeling overwhelmed. And what I just want to remind people is that although there’s no judgment, of course, there’s never judgment, how we’re feeling is how we’re feeling. And that’s all that matters. But I want to remind all of us, including myself, that we have the absolute power, to direct our breath, and to direct our mind. And we have the choice in every single thing in every single moment, to take a step to bring ourselves back into center. And I’ve met people of course, who don’t know how to do that. And that’s what I want to share with you today I want to share with you something that’s just so incredibly simple. So I’m going to jump into that right now. So let’s say you are feeling overwhelmed. Let’s say you’re feeling scattered. Let’s say you’re just feeling frustrated, whatever it is, you need to take a moment to decide that you’re going to pause and if you can go into a quiet spot. That’s Ideal, of course. But if you can’t, you can do this anywhere. The only thing I would suggest, of course, is that if you’re driving, you can’t do this because closing your eyes would be really terrific if you can do it. And of course, we never want to close our eyes driving. But if you can take a moment, pull over to the side of the road, take a moment, close your eyes, this will really help bring your energy back. So of course number one, you’re going to tune in to your breath, you’re going to inhale, and exhale through your nose if you can. But if it’s more comfortable through your mouth, that’s fine, too.

A moment…

You just want to take a moment, and you want to acknowledge that the air in your body, that your breath that your lungs that this energy of inspiration of inhaling and exhaling is a real thing to fortify your body. And when we tune in, and we take a moment to actually listen and feel our breath. So actually, it’s really not listening. It’s really feeling our breath. So in this exercise, I really want you to work on sensation of feeling in your body. So as you stop and you breathe, of course, we ideally want our breath to be inhaling and exhaling all the way in our belly. As we inhale, we want our belly to expand as we exhale, we want our belly to gently contract. We want our posture nice and long, because our diaphragm, which is our muscle of breathing, needs to extend fully downward, in order to really help us bring in air, and it needs to be able to move fully upward as we exhale. So posture is essential to allow that length in our body.

Breathe into your hips…

If you can visualize your breath going down into your hips, that’s really wonderful. That is almost an instantaneous grounding exercise, because you’re literally directing the energy flow in your body. But wherever you can breathe right now, if you feel like you’re breathing in your chest, if you feel like your breath is a little shallow, don’t worry about it. Just breathe for now. And just sense your breath, feel it in your body. And then what I want you to do is to visualize in your mind, a beautiful memory, or a beautiful image. And I’d like you to really see, feel sense that really soothing, ideally, soothing and uplifting image. And if you don’t have an image, that’s okay, pick a color that you love. Pick a piece of nature, pick a tree, pick a flower, but use your mind to create a soothing environment for yourself. And again, closing your eyes is ideal. But if you couldn’t close your eyes, you can still see and experience images in your mind.

And if you start to move away from that image, or thoughts start to come in or you get distracted, you just bring yourself back to a soothing image and to your breath.


And you stay there for as long as you need or as long as you’re able to. And that’s it. That is one of the fastest ways to bring back scattered energy to bring back our energy that when we’re out of our body, to bring ourselves from a crazy minded place. And I say crazy minded with total love. That scattered energy that is just vibrationally all over the place to bring it back into the present moment.

Weaving this into our daily practice…

And the more that we do this, if we do it for five seconds, if we do it for a minute, or if we decide to do this as our place of meditation where we extend this practice into several minutes. The more we do it throughout the day, the more we do it throughout the evening, if you’re dealing with overwhelmed thoughts at night, if you’re dealing with sleeplessness, if you’re dealing with pain, if you’re dealing with problems that you can’t figure out worries, the more we do this very short exercise, and I do suggest keeping it short, the more we do The faster our body realigns, it gets used to doing it, our brain kind of rewires and says, oh, we’re going to do that centering thing, again, great. We’re going to think of those soothing images, Oh, that’s cool, we’re going to ground and we’re going to breathe some more, okay, I can do that I know what we’re doing this is safe, the more we get used to doing it, the more we get comfortable with doing it, and then we almost in the future, you know, not immediately, but in the future, we almost just have to think about the exercise of Oh, yeah, I’m going to do that breathing, and that mental image, soothing image, mind exercise, and we’re almost instantly brought to that place automatically, because we’ve retrained ourselves.

So it’s really important to have these really quick tools. And our mind and our breath are the fastest ways to get our energy center. So when we do Qi Gong, and we do yoga, and we do all kinds of movement, and healing arts, they’re wonderful, because the movements actually distract the mind. They focus ourselves into the present, because we’re doing an activity. But we can always do that we can always run, you know, from somewhere that we are or find that quiet place to do movement. You know, I was in my meme online membership the other day, and we were answering questions, we’re having a live class. And someone asked, you know, saying, you know, well, the only place that I really have to go at work that is silent or private is in the bathroom, and you don’t really want to be doing energetic exercises in the bathroom, if you can help it, you really don’t. So this is perfect for that. Because you don’t have to actually go anywhere, you just have to be still for a moment. And like I said, the more that you practice it on your own in your life, when you’re home, the more you get comfortable with it, the more you can easily kind of slip into this resetting space for yourself, no matter where you are, even when someone is speaking to you. So I want to make this really clear, because I’m not talking about tuning out.


Being present…

I’m not talking about not being present in a conversation, when I say you can slip into this breathing and soothing image place where you ground your energy when somebody is talking to you want to make that really clear. But when we deal with a lot of stress in our lives, when we have a lot of people around us, when we have a friend who may be going through something very traumatic and very difficult. We all have our own stresses that we’re going through. I’ve had people who’ve talked to me, and said, You know, I live in a household where the television is never off. It’s, I hear it all the time. And of course, I always suggest that you have to put down boundaries, and the people watching TV really should get headphones, because it is very disturbing. Especially this person was talking about the news that the news was always on. And so when you have that kind of energy, or you have any kind of energy of violence coming into your home, or anger or frustration, or gossip or anything that is away from the heart center, you really have to look at your environment and understand that that is impacting the energy of your environment. So I always suggest just as a side note here, this is kind of a side tangent, that you get headphones in your family so that people can watch TV and that you can also move around your home without having to be impacted. And of course, if you can’t do that you could get headphones for yourself and put on soft music. But when I go back to being in that kind of situation, or having to be in meetings or speak to people or have people speaking to you, and you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed, to be able to go into this space of breathing, to be able to bring up a soothing image in your mind allows you to keep your center it allows you actually to stay in your empowerment and continue to listen.

Because what happens is and we work a lot with this with with healers, and with therapists and people who are constantly having to listen to other people, if you get pulled in to their energy, if you don’t Know how to keep your own boundaries. But that’s really for everyone that’s in every relationship that we have, that’s in every friendship that we have, we need to be able to hold our own space.

Especially if we’re feeling scattered energy, or especially if we’re in pain, or especially if we’re exhausted, or especially if we’re in fear, it’s so much easier to get pulled into the energy of others, to get swept up in the current of what’s going on with others, or in a society than it is to hold your own space.

Unless you want to completely barricade yourself where you don’t see anybody, you don’t watch anything, you don’t listen to anything. It’s unrealistic to think that you’re not going to have to recenter yourself several times a day, there was a conversation that I was having with a student. And they were talking about that it’s so much easier to do the centering exercises, you know, to do ci gong to do your breath to stay in a good mood when things are flowing in your life when they’re easy in your life. And of course they are, you know, we talked about this, of course they are. But I told the student, that the practice is that you do it, whether you feel like it or not. That’s the practice of alignment. That’s the art of tuning in is that we understand that this is a practice that this is something that we have as a tool, and we have a choice to use it or not. And that we’re needing to use it many, many times a day, it’s totally different than just going to the gym for a workout once a day. When you practice soul Mind Body practices. When you practice how to tune into yourself. This is a daily nightly practice. And the wonderful thing about it is that it shifts everything in our life. Because we actually find and step into our empowered state more often, we actually are more present with ourselves more often, when we’re more present in ourselves, when we’re more present in our own empowerment, then we are more present in every relationship. In every piece of our life that we’re doing. We’re more present in our creativity, we’re more present in our abundance, we’re more present in our health, we’re more present in our love relationships more present in our community, we’re just present. And what I’m seeing happen right now and I know I’ve experienced this myself, again, I’m not judging or, you know, trying to say that this is not easy. It, it isn’t easy. But it’s about making a choice to step into your own alignment. I’ve seen this now as we get swept up more and more with technology, technology is phenomenal. I love it, I love being able to reach all of you guys. I love being able to reach all across the globe right with with people and trainings and hear conversations and learn new things. But it also means that at lightning speed now, we are impacted with information, kind of whether we want to or not. If we turn off our phones, if we turn off our TVs, if we turn off our computers, then we actually can’t have quiet.

Functioning in the “real world”

But if we’re functioning out in the real world for running businesses, if we’re looking at information, we’re going to be bombarded with instantaneous, ever changing information. And what I’d like you to think about what I’d like to pose today is it every time information comes in, it hits our energy field. And our energy field is affected every single time. our emotions are affected as well. So we have a dual, right we have our own emotions that affect our energy field. And we have the outside world information coming at us and affecting our energy field. So when I talk about scattered energy, I talk about this constant energy that’s affecting our energy fields are electromagnetic energy, that support us and protect us. So when we bring ourselves into center when we bring ourselves into a Place of empowerment, which is ultimately what I’m always trying to teach, we then align our energy fields and we then create a protective shield for ourselves, we actually create protection in our energy field, the more aligned that we are, that helps cushion that helps shield us from so much energy coming at us all the time. So again, just to quickly recap, tune into your breath, create a soothing image in your mind, whether it’s a beautiful past memory, whether it’s a color or colors that you love, whether it’s something creative that you want to create, whether it’s nature, I whatever it is, and try to practice for the first few times the same soothing image and tuning into the same breath. And the reason for that is your images, of course, can change over time.

But what we’re trying to do here is create a skill set that you go to, whenever you need to that you go to this at will, that you’re able to tune in, align your energy, create your soothing image, at will, and so that you’re in control of it, and you decide when to lead it. And then after that, you will become so used to it, it’ll become natural for you, it’ll become like, just lovely, it’s such a lovely feeling that more soothing images will occur in your mind, you’ll be more easily able to bring yourself back. You know, as your mind starts to drift drift or you hear a sound that distracts you or something happens, you’ll be able to go Okay, and then just bring yourself right back into your image and into your breath. And it’ll happen faster and faster and faster.

And again, I always suggest to people that you train this even when you don’t need it, that you look at it as your energetic alignment workout during the day during the evening. Because when we’re in times of stress, when we’re in times of overwhelm, when we’re in times of pain, it’s harder to go to this place, if it’s not already trained.

It’s harder to remember the tool because you’re caught up in all of the other stuff. And it’s harder to concentrate and focus because it’s not something that’s trained in your system. So if you’ve ever practiced something over and over again, you know the difference between something that’s just easy for you to step into and do because you’re so used to it like riding a bike. And something that is really feels uncoordinated for you because you haven’t done it a lot. And that’s exactly what energetic alignment and training and cultivating and elevating your energy is about that’s why we do those trainings. That’s why it’s a they call it a daily practice.

And number one, have fun, right? make this fun, make this joyful for yourself. The whole point is elevating your energy and stepping into your empowerment. I hope that helps right now. And I thank you for joining me and I will see you in the next episode. 

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