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New Year Collective Conscious
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The New Year Collective Conscious.

 by Maria Furlano, DMQ (China), MTOM, L.Ac.


How aware are we?

I love this time of the year because the collective consciousness is about making shifts for the better. 

It is really interesting when you tune into this energy, because you can feel the enthusiasm for creating new things personally, professionally and creatively.


But, is this the right time of year (from an energetic health perspective) to do this? 


This time of year (January & February) can also feel overwhelming. The tendency to over exert when rest is needed and the guilt of feeling the "I should's" of doing more.

In past post's like "New Year's Resting," I've written about the winter time and the need to go within and restore. From an energetic stand point this is the time to discover ourselves from an internal level.

This time of year is valuable preparation, for the forward moving and bright energy of spring and summer.


Weight loss & the New Year?

People try so hard to loose weight with "New Year" goals. But what people don't realize is they are usually working against the energy of this time of year, for what is needed in future months. Think of the grizzly bear in hibernation.

By forcing the body "to burn" up its energy, you are actually using up vital essence that is needed for nourishment. When we do this, we deplete energy that will be needed in the spring, which then creates a ripple effect for our vitality in the summer and then the fall.

Many people experience a weakness in their lung energy (showing up as frequent cold's, asthma, allergies, etc.) because their essence has been weakened during exertion in winter months.

The optimal time to begin releasing excess weight, is in the spring, when our energy begins to naturally move outward.


Our Essence

From the view of Chinese Medicine & Medical Qìgōng…

The winter time, is a time when the energy of our essence is in need of restoring.

This essence also supports the vitality of our brain and our mental focus.

This essence supports our bones and is the part of our internal fire that maintains our longevity.

This essence is related the energetic strength of your kidney's.


Restorative trainingenlightened

To support your energy at this time of year, be sure you are doing as much or more restorative training, as you are high impact workouts.

Please don't misunderstand me, exercise is great for general health, as well as emotional health. I personally try to break a sweat everyday to release toxins and move my lymphatic system…

But, my focus of exertion changes from season to season to fully support the health of my energetic system.


After workout replenishment:

Some of the best tools to restore your energy is through the practice of Qìgōng (New to Qìgōng? Read more here), Tai Chi, restorative types of Yoga, meditation, deep restorative breathing, rest and enjoying warm, nourishing foods.

Simple meditation, or visualizations that allow you to go within, while breathing deeply. Need some help to quiet your mind?  Please click the silver box titled "Root Your Mind" on my Free Tools page.  After practicing "Root Your Mind" visualization, spend some time breathing deeply into your lower belly. This is extremely restorative in nature.


Heart & Soul Nourishment


This can be one of the best times of the year to access your creativity. It is always great for health to allow the creative imagination to flow.


Love Books?

What better time than now to snuggle into your favorite blanket, PJ's and cup of… (whatever makes your heart sing), while reading your favorite books?


 Creative Fun!

I discovered these "adult coloring books" when I was recovering from a bout of food poisoning. It has become one of my favorite things to do in the evenings.

You can see I've really gotten into the coloring pens… There are brush pens, fine line, metallic & sparkles!







Most important… How do you feel? wink

Don't get caught up in the "collective consciousness" of the new year "go, go, go!" if it feels overwhelming or depleting to your energy.

It's OK to rest and restore. Nature has been doing it for ions.


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