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The heart of a tree
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A very dear client of mine (who has a terrific energetic relationship with trees) emailed me a great article about "Tree Hugging" and it's scientific benefits. (See resources below).

I was thrilled because for thousands of years, Qìgōng doctors have known the immense energetic value of trees. Practicing Qìgōng exercises among the trees is an amazing way to release, restore and uplift our entire system.


First contact

My instructions: 

I was about 21 years old, standing about 20 feet away from a beautiful tree, when I heard my teacher say…

"Maria, very slowly walk towards the tree. Give a soft nod and make a mental note of where you are the moment you feel a shift."


My first thoughts: 

"A shift? A shift in what? What is he talking about? Could these instructions be more vague!?"

But, it was a gorgeous day and I was having fun, so I quietly said to myself, "Whatever," relaxed and did as I was asked.

You should have seen my face light up when I felt that oh so vague "shift."


Moving through…

As I slowly walked closer to the trunk of the tree, I felt the space around my body change. I can only describe it as feeling textures and vibrations, such as tingling and varying thickness or density.

And then, as I continued to walk closer, there was another textural change and then another.

Over the years I have learned how to sense "energetic textural" changes not only in trees and plants, but in people as well.

This experience is something I often take my students through when we are able to work in nature. It really must be experienced, and once it is, your world will never be quite the same again. smiley


Everything is vibration…

Each element of nature has a different vibrational essence. Just like each person vibrates at a different frequency. This is why we are drawn to some people or certain places more than others.

If you have the opportunity, try practicing Qìgōng, meditation, yoga or simply walking and breathing deeply among a forest of tree's, verses the ocean, or a large lake. What changes do you notice? Post your observations in the comment section below, I would love to hear!

For many years now, I am beyond grateful to the guidance I receive when connecting to nature.

A true heart to heart connection.

So, how can you work with a tree to revive your energy?

The only way to understand the vibrational energy of trees, is to spend time with them.

If you can quiet yourself…

Really listening and feeling from your heart

You can experience a tree's unique vibrational resonance.


Engage with respect

There are many, many ways to experience the energy of trees. But, we must always begin with respect and integrity.


Ask permission 

When we understand that absolutely everything is vibration, then we should also understand the importance of respect.


A tree is a living, breathing entity

It feels, communicates, breathes, transitions from season to season, gives life to the planet, animals and humans and can be a place for shelter and shade.

Begin by walking up to the tree you wish to engage with.

Observe quietly and relax your breathing and your mind as much as you can.

When inspired, ask the tree (silently or outloud), "May I exchange energy with you today?"

Listen… it will be a simple "Yes, or "No."

If it says "No," simply say "Thank you for communicating with me."

Respect its wishes and move to another tree.

Repeat the same process of respect and communication with the next tree.


Why might a tree answer "No?"

As with all energetic beings, our energy is sometimes stronger than others. For example, a tree may wish to not engage with you if it is resting after a storm, or bearing fruit, just as a mother will need rest while pregnant with a child.


You've found your tree!

Here is a simple relaxing way to help you open body & mind, while getting more in tune with your intuition.

1)  Sit

Facing your tree, either on chair or on the ground, about 1-3 feet away.

Ground the energy of your whole body into the earth. Allow your energy to "meet" the roots of the tree.


2)  Stretch

Arms wide, to open up your chest. Take a few very deep breaths.

Place your arms by your sides with your palms facing the tree. (Please keep your shoulders relaxed, otherwise you will constrict your flow of energy and sensing abilities).


3) Breath & Heart

Keep your breath deep in your lower belly, allowing your heart to open.

When your ready, connect with the "heart" of the tree in front of you.

Remember that tree's absorb carbon dioxide (which we exhale) and then they release oxygen (which we inhale).

Practice for several minutes (you will know when it feels right to stop).


4)  Finishing

As you began, with gratitude and respect.

Explore the energetic, spiritual, emotional and chemical exchanges that took place for each of you.


[tweetthis]Nothing better than experiencing a heart to heart with nature.[/tweetthis]


It's freezing outside!

Excellent point.

If this is the case for you, another option is to buy a large house plant and do this same exact process.


Once you understand the "heart to heart" connection, you can practice meditation, Qìgōng, Yoga, or even a TRX® workout with a tree (or even an indoor house plant) to uplift your vibration. (Nature will benefit too!)

Just remember to always have an equal exchange of respect.

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What are your energetic experiences with nature? I value your insights and your questions. Please post them below!


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