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Our State of Being and how we process information

by Maria Furlano, DMQ/DCTM (China), MTOM, L.Ac.

Hi I’m Maria Furlano I’m a Physician of Chinese medicine and I specialize in medical Qigong. Thank you for joining me.

I want to check in with you today about how we process information and gain ideas from the state of being we’re in at the time. When we’re tired and overwhelmed for example, we’ll process and respond to information totally differently from when we’re feeling full of energy and relaxed.

When we try to think our way out of an emotionally stressful state, it can be challenging. 

This is where soul/mind/body medicine and practices are so valuable – To shift your state of being. When we learn how to connect, tune in to and connect with our body and breath – the heart and mind begin to open and our perspective begins to change. Of course the more we’re able to do this, the more we easily move through stressful events.

Getting comfortable connecting

After you get comfortable with connecting your energy in a whole body way, you move into a different state of being. That elevated “state of being” over time becomes your natural state.

In workshops participants have said…

In many workshops students have taken me aside privately and said “Maria I feel so different!”

I always ask people to really describe how they feel – and the reason I always ask to describe what they’re feeling is because then it becomes integrated within them – and they’ll most often say “ I feel lighter and I feel happy!” 

And what is even more common is they will say – “I feel a little weird that I feel so happy?”

And that’s because we often don’t know what it’s like to feel really good, because we’ve been in another state of being for so long.

It’s not about “pumping yourself up everyday” it’s about learning how to reset and re-tune your alignment. Just connecting fully to how we stand and walk through our life – we open energy flow in our bodies in a totally different way.

And it feels sooo good.         

This doesn’t in any way mean that we don’t want to feel great – it just means we haven’t been able to move into that emotional and physical state enough of the time. 

It’s amazing how quickly your energy shifts when you really tune in. 

I hope this has given you a new insight to think about today – and I hope you’ll join me for my upcoming workshop called “energetic clarity.” To get all the info on this workshop!

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Thanks for being here and for being everything you are. I’ll see you soon.

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