Are you taking on energy from other people? Are you highly empathic and feel emotions deeply? Today I’m sharing some insight and a practice tool that you can access for a daily grounding routine.

Are you taking on energy from other people?

Hello and welcome. It’s Maria Furlano. I thank you for being here today. I’m thrilled to be able to connect with you today. I hope that you’re having a very good holiday season. It’s December 20th when I’m recording this 2019 and here in the United States we are in full swing of the holiday season… I happen to absolutely love the holidays. But I know for a lot of people it can be very stressful. So I always try to take as much time as I can to regroup and just kind of keep things in perspective and people’s emotions and franticness in perspective, including my own.


{01:09} So as we start with every podcast, I would love for us to take a moment to breathe in the spirit of possible more stress.

Let’s just take a little bit of time to let go before getting into today’s topic, because we’re actually going to talk about how do we take on energy, other people’s energy, and I’m going to give you a great tool at the end that you can actually have access to in practice if you’d like.
So before we begin today, let’s just inhale. Take a nice deep breath in through the nose nice and long, and however you can make it an even longer. Exhale out your mouth. And when you’re ready, you’ll do that again. A nice, long inhale on a nice long exhale.

This just helps our body to reset itself. Gives us the oxygen that is so important to mental focus and every cell in our body. So feel free to keep breathing. Remember that you can make it “HA” sound as you exhale. If you’re feeling a little more stress or tension in your body – I’ve done this another podcast – But you can inhale through your nose, and when you exhale, you just do a “Haaaa” sound. In Qigong and will do a descending “HA” sound, which means to begin a little higher and slide down slower to a lower scale. And that can really just help relieve tension.

The “Ha” sound in Qigong work opens the heart energy, so that’s why the “ha” is so easy to use but you just inhale… and exhale “Haaaaa”… Do that as often as you want.

You might even wanna put your hands up in the air and stretch above you and and then just gently lower your arms to the side as you exhale the “haaaa”. It really helps. Breath and sound is amazing.

When we’re taking on energy from other people or situations…

{03:53} So today we’re gonna be talking about when we take on energy. When we take on energy, either elevated energy that feels more positive and vibration or a denser energy that feels more negative in vibration… It’s always done because we allowed it in. In medical Qigong one of the aspects of my own personal calling to go deeper within that work, was because I really found that I needed to learn energetic protection for myself.

If you’re someone who tends to feel deeply and maybe you know that you empathize easily with other people or situations or world events, then you may be actually taking in a lot of energy that you actually don’t need to be taking in.

We take an energy, mostly because we empathize so much and we have a great ability (people who are empathic) to really be present and focus deeply on another person or something that we’re learning about, or an experience that were in.
But we also can tend to lose our own boundaries.

It’s completely possible to be 100% intuitive in every situation and not take on other’s energy on a regular basis.

But this takes awareness and willingness and knowledge of how to clear your energy on a daily basis in yourself, in your physical body, but also in your space. So I’ll share a little story with you today. About 15 years ago, when I was working as a therapeutic body-worker and I was teaching body-workers (this was before I went into Chinese medicine), I realized that although I really loved working as, a therapeutic body-worker… I loved my clients and I love my office… I would come home at the end of my day feeling a different kind of depletion.
I say a different kind of depletion because working is a therapeutic body-worker. You are using your entire body and you have a high focus all day on other people, and it was the same with my teaching. I taught very physical movements, and there’s a lot of focus, so naturally it makes sense that I would be a bit physically tired by the end of the day, so that made sense.

But what I was feeling was a different kind of depletion. It felt like I was emotionally being depleted and that I didn’t seem to have much energy for my own life.

I also noticed I was feeling very similar. Aches and pains and sometimes similar emotions toe what my clients had been feeling that day. They felt great when they left, and I was noticing that I didn’t feel that great, especially after the accumulation of long day or several days or by the end of the week.
I absolutely loved my work. I love my clients. I loved my students. They were amazing people, So it’s nothing that someone else is doing. But I started to wonder if I was going to need to actually change the type of work I did.

I was sharing this with a friend and she said, It just sounds like you’re taking on energy from your clients and students, and you can absolutely change that. And she was right.

And what I realized when I moved from my training from Health Qigong into very specific Medical Qigong, I began to learn very specific methods of clearing my energy physically, mentally and emotionally. And I also learned how to cultivate my internal energy, which influences all of the energy flow in my body, and it strengthens the energy fields that extend from my body.
We are composed of energy fields, and I did an episode about energy fields that l’l link to in the show notes, if you haven’t listened to that yet… But basically the stronger our energy field, the more protection we have, not only with our health, but with picking up energy from other people and our environment.

When our energy fields are clear and strong, it creates what many refer to as a protective bubble of energy that surrounds our body. Most people are actually leaking energy. And this is why learning specific techniques to clear and cultivate your energy allows you the ability to actually hold and transform the energy in your body. And it’s really exciting. But to do that effectively and efficiently, you actually need to learn aligned posturing. And this is something you definitely wanna learned from a trained Qigong practitioner, because posture is so important.

When we learned to hold the correct posture, we actually learn to hold energy in our body, and that energy then is allowed to begin to cultivate or build.

So what can we do today?

{10:06} What can I give you today that you could help improve your energetic protection?
Well, first of all, you need to know that the way you care for your health is extremely important, and there’s no getting around that factor.
If you aren’t sleeping a good 7 to 8 hours a night and really restoring your body through sleep, that’s something that really needs to be addressed in your life.
The body moves through various cycles during sleep, and some of those cycles release healing hormones that help to repair tissue damage that occurs during your day. And it’s natural. Some are naturally occurring to shoes breakdown during the day from just moving around from physical and some. Of course, we have injuries that need to be repaired. But there are also healing hormones that help with emotional balancing and restorative sleep releases thes hormones, and it’s important every level of your well being.
And the next, of course, is our nutrition. And I know that some people are really confused about nutrition. Some people are overwhelmed and they really don’t want to hear anything more about nutrition. Food is a very personal and often spiritually aspect of someone’s life. Habits can be very difficult to change. We can get very attached to our food.
But if we don’t fuel our body, our organs, our cells and our brains with an elevated state of nutrition, then we’re really giving ourselves nothing to run on.

One of the most important stages that I would say in energetic elevation (as I call it) is understanding that we are our body.

Often people are separating themselves from themselves, and they begin to compartmentalize their bodies from their minds.
In another episode, I’m gonna go a little more deeply into this and some of my experiences. But for today, an insight might be to tune in with yourself and notice how you’re actually viewing yourself?

And what I mean by this is… Are you seeing yourself as one, or are you seeing yourself in separate parts?

Because when we view ourselves as one body, we begin to understand that we actually have empowerment over ourselves because we are whole.
So sleep and nutrition, very important for foundational health, very important from mental emotional health and very important for energetic strength. So that’s absolutely the first thing.

Then the next step is to become fully aware of how you’re actually feeling.

We begin to notice patterns… 

And we begin to notice how we’re reacting and how were responding to situations and other people and events that we are experiencing or hear about and how we actually respond and react can be very energetically supporting, or it can be energetically draining.

And once we begin to become regularly aware of how we’re feeling and how we’re responding and I don’t say this lightly, I know that this is a daily practice, and if you’re listening to this podcast, chances are that you are doing a daily practice, and I commend everyone who is really practicing a more conscious awareness in their life because it isn’t easy!
But the point of all of this when I say, being consciously aware of ourselves in our environment is because things will shift every single day in our environment and when we learn to be able to become consciously aware to, understand our reactions in our responses and then choose differently or choose what is supportive to us. Our life does actually flow in a completely different way.

And I say that because sometimes we just need a reminder of why it’s so beneficial to tune in with ourselves. I know we can get overwhelmed, and especially if you’re energetically more sensitive, you can begin to feel very alone.

After you become aware of how you’re feeling. It’s important to take time during your day to just be. What I mean by that is we’re so chaotically busy. There’s so much even if we’re a more relaxed person and we’ve allowed our lifestyle to be more flowing, and we were able to spend time as we wish… There’s so much input that constantly comes to us in our life.
So, when we allow our energy to settle and our mind to relax and we ground our energy into the earth, we actually allow our true nature to begin to surface, and it gives us the space from all the distractions around us to tune back into who we really are – and then move from that place with better decisions and better focus and actually a more open heart.
Bcause it’s not possible to show you a tool during this podcast. I’ve actually created one for you, and I hope that it’s going to be very beneficial in its specific to reset and ground your physical mental energy and focus.
If you’re wanting to practice, it’s really easy, and you can actually go to and you can sign up to view this four minute video and practice with it. It’s totally free, and when you sign up, the link will be e mailed to you.

This is an exercise that actually roots the energy of the mind and grounds us.

And after you’ve practiced it a few times, you’ll be able to do it on your own anywhere. Except, of course, when you’re driving because you don’t want to be doing it when you’re driving, if you’re gonna be closing your eyes – but in your office at home before a meeting it’s wonderful first thing in the morning and before you go to bed,

It’s something that absolutely teaches you how to begin to understand where the energy is in your body and bring it down to a grounded state.

I actually first created this practice tool for my private clients who were professional performers, and they used it right before going into an audition or an interview because it could be done seated.
Once you understand the flow of the visual ization, you can do it without anyone really noticing what you’re doing. And so my clients would tell me that it brought them almost instant calm and helped them focus more clearly so they could just move into whatever situation they were about to experience in a more grounded place.
And truly, whenever we feel more grounded, we just feel more empowered because our energy is focused and it isn’t scattered, so this can be an absolutely wonderful foundational practice.
Let me know how it goes for you. I appreciate you being here with me and I sincerely hope that the “Root the Mind” visualization, is going to assist you in resetting your energy, and I would love to know how it works for you. You can always contact me through my website and share your experiences.
I wish you a warm and wonderful holiday season and a new year that is filled with perfect self expression.

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  • The Energy Field and Refocusing Overwhelm | episode #002

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