Today, I’m discussing the energy field and sharing two tangible tools that you can use to refocus your energy if you’re feeling overwhelmed, or uptight in any way. It’s great to have you here – welcome!

You’ve probably heard it said that our bodies are one big antenna and it’s true.

We are continuously picking up information every moment, whether we’re consciously aware of it or not. And today I’d like to share with you a little bit about our energy fields.

An energy field is like a gorgeous, expansive spider web of connected flow that comes from inside of you, from your organs, your tissues and cells. And it extends around the outside of you and the human energy field. It’s been studied in various ways. I think I read all the way back… I think maybe the first time was in the 1890s…We are a living thing. We are an electric field that is composed from the information from ourselves, our organs, and our body tissue.

And it’s said that the electromagnetic field of our body provides a link between the etheric body and the nervous system.

Our cells give off electrical charges and the healthier the cell, the higher the frequency.

This is why we can perceive someone’s energy field. We can know immediately, for example, how their health is and how they’re feeling. But the energy field also holds our emotional energy. And although you may be used to looking at someone’s facial expressions and body postures to see their emotional state, it’s also possible to read their energy fields and perceive emotional experiences they’re having. You’ll hear me in my teaching programs, use the word perceive instead of see, because most people think you can only read energy fields by seeing the colors of the aura.

However, the skills of reading (as we call it in energy medicine), the skills of reading someone’s energy comes in many forms. So by allowing each individual person to learn how they uniquely perceive information from the energy fields of another and their own field, creates an opening to really explore that person’s individual talents.

So this field, it changes and it shifts just as the chemicals, emotions, and energy movement changes and shifts within you every day. Your energy field is alive, it’s breathing, it’s expanding and contracting all the time. Our energy field, it interacts with the world around us. And not only when you are next to someone, but when you speak to them on the phone, through video call or even when you’re thinking about someone.

 A question that I get a lot over the years is from people who are very sensitive to energy and they may be struggling because they are so sensitive to energy…

I find that the more energy disciplines I do such as Qigong practice, or another energy cultivation practice, that it actually makes me more sensitive to energy.

This is actually completely normal.

And it’s, it’s why it’s really important that when you’re learning energy disciplines that you really learn how to clear your energy and you understand the importance of clearing your energy, why you’re doing it, when you’re doing it, and that you stay consistent with it.

And I think every energy discipline has clearing practices, but it’s very important that they become a daily routine for you.

It’s also really important that you are cultivating your energy, that you’re eating well because of course, right, that nourishes you cells. And again, the stronger your cells are, the stronger energy is… That you’re cultivating your energy.

And when I say cultivating, I mean that you’re building your, you’re making your energy stronger and this creates an energy field that surrounds you, right? Cause from what’s inside becomes outside. And as this field becomes stronger – yes – you will pick up more sensitivity.

In my programs, of course I teach this, there are ways to create and fortify your energetic bubble, as we call it. And the wonderful thing about having an energetic bubble is because you are strong in sensing energy, but you’re able to keep away the energy that is impacting you rather than just kind of sucking up everything around you.

And it’s a beautiful skill. Once you learn it, the sensitivity becomes a blessing rather than becoming overwhelming.

If you can think of energy clearing exactly like cleaning our physical bodies every day with a shower or a bath. Then learning the tools to clear yourself become much more simple to integrate into our everyday life.

So, what can we do in times of overwhelm when we’ve taken on emotional energy from people, situations, memories, or things that are happening around the world?

I say memories and world events that affect us emotionally because the energy of our heart and our mind are completely connected.

What we feel creates chemical processes and responses that move throughout our body and these chemicals directly react and respond to our thoughts.

Focus is incredibly useful in times of overwhelm because what naturally happens to our energy is that it tends to scatter and then drain. In my programs, we learn how to feel the different levels of emotions and energy movements in our bodies, so that we are able to fine tune our energy to better support us.

And there are many, many ways to clear your energy. And if you’re here, part of my community, you’ve probably tried many ways of clearing and maybe you even have a routine. Whatever routine you have that clears energy is terrific, keep doing it. But the most important part of clearing, or any kind of energy practice, is your focus and your intention.

Feelings create patterns of energetic flow on the body.

And remember our heart and mind are deeply connected and just like any kind of positive, or not so uplifting emotion, it all produces a chemical response in your body.

The feeling of being overwhelmed is an internal feeling that changes the pattern of your energy flow.

This is great because it means we have the opportunity to be aware of this and learn how to shift the energy flow that’s happening.

I’d like to share with you today two tangible tools you can use right away to help ground clear and calm your energy.

Because if you can’t ground your energy, then you won’t be able to let it go. You won’t be able to clear it.

Two tangible tools to help you ground and clear and calm your energy.

  1. Take your shoes off and stand in the grass. The dirt or the sand.

 The earth has an incredible grounding and clearing energy and simply allowing yourself to melt your energy to melt through your feet into the earth and to be truly supported by her, by the earth will allow the lower frequencies you are carrying to simply melt away.

And if you have access to sunshine while you’re doing this, doing this exercise while standing under the energy of the Sun will naturally give your cells a boost of energy.

2. Get a large pot and fill it with lukewarm water, not hot water, lukewarm water.

Sit down and then place both feet into the water. And as you’re sitting there, what you’re going to do is you’re going to begin to focus your inhale to drop down through your body and touch the water.

Your visualization with the action is that the energy of your inhale touches the water.

And then as you exhale, you just simply relax and let go.

 And if you can practice this breathing through your nose, that’s optimal. But if you can’t, then breathe however is most comfortable to you. This is also a terrific exercise that I actually prescribe to some of my private clients to do right before bedtime. It will definitely help calm your mind.

And it’s another reason why we use Luke Warm Water because we don’t want hot water moving energy up towards your head. We just want Luke warm water that’s comfortable and the water itself naturally helps to bring your energy down and calm.

By doing this and then combining it with the breathing, it will definitely help calm your mind and release any kind of uptight energy you might be carrying, because it refocuses the energy flow in your body and it helps you to relax so you can fall asleep.

And if you’re open to it, I’d love to hear how these two very simple tools helped you shift your energy. I wish you a week that is filled with empowerment and ease.

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